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Approved Location Caordos

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Caordos standing tall amidst the chaos of the ocean.

<caordos am tui caord>

  • Intent: To create a place for Drios Rapux to live, and a historical location for the Rapux Dynasty
  • ​Image Credit: [x] - jjpeadbody; deviantArt (Seaside Fantasy)
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links:
    Drios Rapux - owner of Caordos. [x]
  • House of Rapux - owner of Caordos. [x]
  • Panatha - planet Caordos is located upon.
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  • Old sub [x]
  • Canon [x]

  • Structure Name: Caordos
  • Classification: Castle / Home
  • Location: Xanha Archipelago, Panatha.
  • Affiliation: Drios Rapux - The House of Rapux
  • Accessibility: Caordos is a privately owned estate, located on the largest island on the Xanha Archipelago, southwest of Canthar, the great capital of Panatha. Whilst no uninvited guests are permitted entrance, Caordas is easily visible from sea and air, and there are no drastic measures to protect it. It is located at the peak of an island not far from the coast of the largest island in the Archipelago.
  • Security: No security, when Caordas was constructed, the power of the Rapux Dynasty was more than enough to deter intruders. Now, the Pacanth Reach and its isolation is suitable protection for the fortress.
  • Description: Caordos is a great structure, built beside and partially on the steep cliffs bordering the coast of the largest island in the Xanha Archipelago. It is an archaic design, a complete contrast to the otherwise modern world and built primarily of stone. The castle is based around a huge spire that climbs skyward, and is filled with many rooms and smaller spires. A landing pad is located on the west of the building.


  • Meditation Room - a place where Drios Rapux can ponder on the Dark Side in peace.
  • Training Room - a training room equipped with several duelling droids and physical tasks.
  • Grand Suite - the personal living quarters of Drios Rapux, situated upon the tallest tower of Caordos.
  • The Dungeon - a prison for any people Drios wishes to imprison in his fortress.
  • The Ancient Library - a library full of ancient scrolls, books and holocrons on the history of House Rapux, Panatha, the Epicanthix and the Sith.
  • Dark Chamber - like the meditation room, on the lowest floor of the castle below the dungeon. A place for training.
  • Docks of Orcait - a dock for sea-faring ships to dock in when visiting the castle from the mainland.
  • Landing Pad - a simple landing pad for space ships to land on.

Caordos was built in the peak of the Rapux Dynasty era of Panatha, after the then King, Telar Rapux III decided that a stately home should be constructed to celebrate the vast wealth, power and nobility of the House. And so, the many labourers, builders and even ordinary men and women were paid richly for the construction of the ancient castle. It was to be named Caordos, the Epicant word for castle.

The fortress was the designed off of ancient designs, from a simpler age, recovered from some hold or other on Orcait, the great continent of Panatha. For thousands of years the structure stood, passed down from Patriarch to the next, until the last Great King of the Rapux Dynasty ceded his power and therefore his castle to the God-King.

The Docks of Orcait played a part in the last Civil War of the Epicanthix, serving as a military base for Kaine's armies.

In 850 ABY, after Drios Rapux took control of House Rapux, the castle was re-occupied and refurbished to include Dark Side rooms for the Acolyte to learn, study and train in.

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