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Zen Phoenix

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Zen Phoenix

X General Information
x Name: Zen Phoenix
x Race: Human
x Age: 8
x Height: 4'3 Feet
x Body Build: Slim
x Eye color: Green with spots of yellow coloration
x Faction: Unaligned
x Planet Of Birth: Unknown
x Family
Father: Nick Phoenix (Darth Illusio)​
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown​
Pet: 1x Vornskr - Ruby​
x The Force
Force Sensitive: Yes​
Force Rank: Not even close to Padawan​
Force Alignment: Neutral Good​
X Weaknesses & Strengths
Is it a normal thing when every girl on the corner calls you a cutie just because you are young? (Cutie / Young)
I have enough time to learn about new things. Oh, I love to study and I hope I can find someone to teach me a lot of new things. (Loves studying)
I am able to study pretty well as my grades are the highest of the class. (Can study well)
My father never told me, that I am like him a Force-Sensitive. I can feel the force sometimes, but dad keeps on telling me that it is the wind. (Force-Sensitive)
I am too young to know about the force. He wrote entire books, which are all about the force. Some were written in languages I did not understand.​
I will try my best to learn those languages and those books.​
My dad always told me, failing is for those that are not driven enough to get to their goal.​
A person is defined with the weaknesses and strengths one has, without weaknesses you are never going to be strong.​
You will not have anything to improve upon. My weaknesses is that I can't understand any language except Galactic (Uneducated)
I might want to take a quick and easy route, but quick and easy is not better. (Gullible)
I think I can fight, but I never got any formal training in combat. I will still try my best though! (No training)
I never had a nightmare. Isn't that strange? (Highly affected by scary sights and visions)
I was never placed under the security of any faction. I have been dropped in an orphanage at the age of 6. (Unaligned Faction-wise)
X Facts about History

x Nick wasn't the typical Sith father. He ran like a coward, but remained in his son's heart as a hero
x Nick Phoenix is the father of Zen Phoenix.
x Zen got at his first day a necklace with a crystal blue synth crystal in it.
x Zen never learned about the Jedi nor the Sith
x Zen got a lot of books of his father to learn to read and understand.
x Zen's fifth birthday he got his own baby vornskr. Her name was Ruby.
x Zen Phoenix been placed in an orphanage at the age of 6.
x Nick wasn't the typical Sith father. He ran like a coward, but remained in his son's heart as a Hero.
x The orphanage wasn't what he liked. He wanted to get out with Ruby.
x Zen wants to get out of the Orphanage.