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Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Just let it in...

I'd been traveling to Nar Shadaa now for the better part of two days. While I'd recently suffered a loss to Master Harrison, I'd also reconstructed my sabers and helped a wayward traveler begin to find peace with his suffering at the hands of The Sith. In the process of re-forging my sabers one of the archivists had shown me a room with blades of ancient wielders from different worlds. She'd said that one of the blades had awoken upon my docking and that the etiquette for such an occurrence was to present it to the new arrivals upon the station.

I'd silently closed my fingers around the hilt and that was when I'd seen the mark of the Evenstar upon my right hand in mint green runic script. The archivist said that there was another sword similar to the one that had been presented to me and that should the mark on my right hand manifest itself I was to be allowed to take its mate. So now I had two swords in my possession and the reason they were a set was one was an instructors the other was meant to be given to a student.

I'd left the Silver Archive station with the intent to head towards Nar Shadaa and more fully arm The Valkyrie. But on the way something had happened, I'd been told to stop outside the system by The Force. Then to meditate and reach out for the sword's owner to be. So now I sat in the star deck meditation room reaching out. Finally after the span of what felt like an hour I connected to the soon to be owner of the first blade I'd held. Waiting for recognition of the young man I saw I realized I'd seen him before. On Coruscant of all places...he'd served my food in the lower levels. I'd told him to keep hoping for something better and to simply meditate every day. Connecting the dots I spoke through The Force and said what i knew I needed to.

"Andorreth...yes we've met before though you don't remember it. You have The Force, and also the honor of wielding a blade when most of your profession use blasters or other weapons. You have things to do now but meet me on Nar Shadaa. Let The Force guide you to which cantina, and ask around for The Firedancer. Good luck Andorreth and may the stars watch over you..."

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