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Campaign Into The Void

Just another face.
So for character development and the future support of the Fel Imperium, Davin is going to be taking a trip back to Csilla and tracing the steps of Grand Admiral Thrawn back during his glory days before the Empire of the Hand. This will be a staggering change in Davin's life and we could stumble upon lots of things that Thrawn found and used.

A few things I hope to acquire for the Fel:

Feel free to post if you would like to come. This will be a small-scale Private RP and will only consist of a single Star Destroyer and its crew.


I shall join you Mr. Jebby <3, but only under one condition. We throw Darth Jebby <3 in the cloning thing and make a million copies of him so that we can supremely command the multiverse.

The Hound

Vahl Calls For Her Hound
You can add me to things in the list of things to find. It would serve as a good way to introduce Turin into the faction since I haven't found a way to do so yet.