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Cameron Paté

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Cameron Paté

NAME: Cameron Paté
RANK: Civilian
AGE: 26
SEX: Male
EYES: Light blue
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Caucasian


(+) Force-Sensitive, Fighter - Cameron, being a Force-Sensitive, has some advantages over other people.
(+) Healthy, Fit - Cameron has always cared about his health. He loves going to the gym and eating only healthy food.
(-) Factionless, Denying Sensitivity - Cameron has decided to avoid getting involved with any factions, which makes his life a bit more difficult. He also denies his Force-Sensitivity, believing, that all Force-Sensitive factions are evil and corrupted.
(-) Meadowian, No Knowledge of Technology - living on Lunar Meadow, Cameron doesn’t know much about technology.

Well, what do I know about myself? I was born on Lunar Meadow. It’s a planet controlled by the Republic… Yeah… I was born to a tiny family. Before my birth, there were only my father and my mother. They were called Casiac Paté and Lellielle Havh. Strange names, I know… Fortunately they gave me a normal name. My father was an important man in our little town, though… somehow, I don’t remember what was his job. I know, that my mother was a teacher. My life was not bad… I actually enjoyed living on the planet, because I didn’t know anything about modern technology. Crazy, right? I had some friends, not too many, but they were all true friends, not some people who I could just hang out with, but who don’t care about what I’ve done or what has happened to me. So I was quite lucky. I remember, that we spent every day outside, playing until dark or even longer. These were good times… I grew up, having gained some injuries and living through some little problems. I was lucky again, because… I have never lived through any tragedies.
Then came a Young Education Day. I had to go to school. Not that I didn’t like that time… No… Just… I didn’t have much time to play with my friends anymore. They didn’t have to go to school. I remember, that I was about seven years old then and I chose the path of Education. I don’t know, why, though I think it was because my mother wanted me to take that one. And it has actually helped me a lot. I decided, that, though I liked studying Education, I will go studying Agriculture the next year. then my friends had to come too, because they were really, really dumb and their parents didn’t want them to be like that for the rest of their lives.
A year passed and so came a little break from studying. I appreciated, I enjoyed that time. I had the chance to play with my friends again… Ah, what a wonderful time.
The next Young Education Day came and I had to decide my path. I would’ve wanted to take Agriculture, like I have already said, but all the places were already taken. I had to choose Medicine, but I didn’t like that. Probably because everyone else who learned Medicine were old men and women. They weren’t very fun.
The next year I didn’t go to school anymore. I didn’t want to. It was a point when I just wanted to rest, I think. And so years passed and I was about 23… no… I was 24 years old when I met this woman. She lived in the same town where I did. I had never met her before, because, as I have heard, she spent the most of her childhood on Coruscant, studying politics. She was so beautiful and friendly. I fell in love with her.
But she left the planet again to become a powerful person on Coruscant. It’s funny, because… She was powerful on both Coruscant and Lunar Meadow. I would’ve wanted to follow her, but I had to stay on this little planet. There’s not much to do here. As I grew older, I had to take a job, but I didn’t want to. All options were too boring. I felt like I just had to go to Coruscant…
Now I stand here, near the palace of this wonderful woman. And I dream about spending eternity with her.





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