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Calo Syphrax

Calo Syphrax

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[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Calo Syphrax[/SIZE]
FACTION:[SIZE=10pt] Sith Empire[/SIZE]
RANK:[SIZE=10pt] Sith Apprentice[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]SPECIES: Human
AGE: 23 years old
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Male
HEIGHT: 6''2
WEIGHT: 225lb
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Jet black
SKIN: Pale


[SIZE=10pt]Force Understanding[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]: Due to Calo Syphrax's aspirations to become a Sith Warrior, focusing instead on lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat as opposed to practicing the ways of the Force, Calo has an understandable weakness in his knowledge of the Force.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=10pt]Mobility[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]: Calo Syphrax's bulking body mass often leaves him at a disadvantage against smaller and lighter opponents, as he is unable to manoeuvre himself as quick as his foes can. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Lightsaber combat[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt]: Calo Syphrax is known to practice his lightsaber combat frequently, always training and studying to find a Lightsaber Form that fits his style of combat. To account for his lack of mobility, Calo is currently focusing on putting his size to good use, hoping to overpower his opponent with large swings.[/SIZE]
Stamina: Despite his large physique, Calo Syphrax has bags of energy which allows him to sustain prolonged physical and mental effort. This advantage proves to be extremely beneficial during intense training exercises or in situations which require extreme focus.

Calo Syphrax is clad from head to toe in armour distinctively decorated by ancient Sith teachings engraved into the chest piece. The armour is black in colouration, with shades of crimson on his wrist gauntlet, utility belt and the gorget that attaches his mask to the rest of the armour. A cowl drapes over the mask itself, concealing much of Calo's masked face and giving him an eerie presence. In the rare instance that Calo has been seen not wearing his armour, he has been described as having brutish features, with a number of notable scars running down his pale facial complexion. Calo's hair is unkempt and dishevelled, but quite short nonetheless, with piercing amber eyes that compliment his high cheek bones. Calo's jaw is squared and distorted, but he doesn't feel the need for any sort of surgery to alter this; keeping both his twisted jawline and scars as a reminder of his failures.

Calo Syphrax's childhood is clouded by mystery, and there isn't a certainty of what exactly happened prior to his induction into the Sith. There is no doubt however that more will be revealed as he develops.

Calo Syphrax is yet to acquire a form of transport.



(OOC: This is the first time I've made a biography of this sort, if there's anything anyone has a problem with I'm happy to make amends )


Like Lightning
Instead of being strictly with the sith, they use the Dark side of the force, or Boga in other terms, and work for other Dark Jedi, having a close nit family with eachother because there are so few of them. THere are different sides of the coin. Some Dark Jedi are "good natured" where they used the Dark side of the force to help others and don't really stick to any codes of conduct. The other side is the "bad natured" that can sometimes be considered Sith, but can not becuase they are not in the Empire or don't take the name of on, as they believe that the Sith are rather arrogant and have warped the true understanding of the Original Sith Code.

If you want more on them you can PM me that way I wont flood up this thread.