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Calen Derics

Calen Derics

NAME: Calen Derics
FACTION: None yet.
RANK: Resident Vampire
SPECIES: Near-human, Energy Vampire
AGE: 14.
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 4’ 11”
WEIGHT: 100 lbs
EYES: Red with weird symbols.
HAIR: pearl white
SKIN: White w/ slight tan.
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes. Little self-training.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Retractable claws: Having claws, he naturally has a weapon fitted to him.
+Elongated teeth: The better to eat you my dear, Used for draining the Life forces of victims.
+Stronger, faster, better: Very strong for his size physically, and many times faster than most other species.
+Longevity: Energy Vampires are known for very long lives, though there is no known extent to their age limit.
+/- higher senses: With heightened senses, if being used, can have a chance to harm him with bright lights or loud sounds.
+/-Super healing: Having very fast healing, he can only do so, by having extra energy to do so.
+/-Force Whisper: Instead of feeling, hearing, or seeing sparks of the force, he sees the force as shapes ranging from ghost like people, who can talk, to actual shapes, or lights floating in the air. He can still feel the force and the power that each thing has, but it is harder to do so. He more so sees different auras of the entity and determines if it is light-sided, or dark-sided.
-Needs to feed off of the life force, other foods may slightly quench his hunger/thirst, but will never satisfy him.
-Lonely: With him killing his parents when he was 9 years old, He has no other family that is known. However, as a vampire he likes to be alone sometimes.
-Silent, but deadly: Very quiet, and preferring not to talk when necessary, Calen is the strong silent type. And sometimes, will not even speak to anyone, even if they have spoken to him.
-Training: He has very little training. Only in some hand to hand combat, and barely anything in the force. He is untrained madness.

Force barrier: Novice
Telekinesis: Novice
Force Sight: Adept

White hair and rather short, Calen is just a child and can be underestimated. Some may say that he looks older than he really is, and Usually dressed like in the photo above, He is in a black and white shirt, One sleeve that covers his entire left arm, while his right is cut at the shoulder. He wears faded black jeans and most of the time will wear shades, unless in a dark room. Hair that is long enough to cover his eyes when need be, he has sharp facial features, and has scars over his body. Most notably he has a red tattoo on his right arm. With a few ring piercings on his left ear as well.
Calen born into his family of Caden and Samantha. He was born just like any other child. However, in his gene code, a dormant chromosome in his father’s family line, caused him to be an Energy Vampire. With his natural born abilities, his parents spoke of him as “It” rather than “him.” With that, they never enrolled him in schooling, and taught him%vB home. It was when his mother and father were arguing with him about who he was, He began to grow a bloodlust. And attacked them.

It was a short bout with his mother, as claws to the neck killed her. However, his father was a fight for his life. The man had shot him with a blaster pistol, and with the last of Calen’s strength as a 9 year old he pinned his father down and chewed at his jugular. It had taken a moment for it all to register, but once it did, The young boy ran away and was thought as missing.

Until now………

None, uses public transport if necessary.

Calen Derics

A cat with a possible nine tails, Very nice if I do say so.

I believe that we will.
@[member="Ayña Kottos"]

EDITED: if you ever want to RP HMU.

Atlas Kane

@[member="Arkian Optniumon"] You are a energy vampire. Ayna is a blood vampire/Life essence vampire

Ayña Kottos said:
Blood and Thunder Because of a constant need to feed on the Force-rich essences of others sensitive in the Force, coupled with a lack of continuous sources off of her world of origin, Ayña has a lust for users' blood. If desperately needed, she would eat another being -- even a fellow Rufie -- if her survival depended on it. However, blood drawn from a donor or organs bought from the black market also suffice and pose only minimal risks.