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Cale Gunderson

Phantom Pains
NAME: Cale Gunderson
RANK: Padawan
AGE: 19
WEIGHT: 167lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Dark Brown
SKIN: Tanned White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

-Good with a saber
-Good with people


-Isn’t as strong in the force as he could be
-Is often spastic and unfocused
-Can be lazy


Cale has lived what would be considered a standard Jedi life, he was born to a couple of farmers on Naboo and after he began to show that he was force sensitive, the Jedi took him in. From there he was raised alongside the other younglings, awaiting the day he would finally be assigned a master, luckily for him, that day has come.

After training under Sky Kerberos along with five others Cale became a Knight when he turned 17 after two years of training. During his time in training he journeyed to Illum and constructed his sabers.

One month into being a Knight he felt himself called to Mustufar by the force, he went there to discover Marek S'hadar, a life support bound Sith who happened to be his twin brother. His world was rocked, he learned he was actually from Coruscant and had been split form Marek at birth. He then preformed his duties as a Sentinel for four months in the outer rim, having no contact with other Jedi.

As years passed Cale trained his first padawan and as of recently began to train his second, a force sensitive Mustufarian.

None, yet.



ROLE-PLAYS: Goes to Illum, builds sabers, and ends training to Knighthood visions of Marek as he learns how to properly meditate in space battle over Metalorn, takes his first life from the cockpit of his A-Wing former Empress Varnin return to the temple kill off the Fire Breathers on Mimbane briefly in a Jedi v Sith skirmish meets Marek, uncovers the truth of his real family During his four month period in the outer rim, journeys to Tantooine to try and arrest RC-212, fails to do so the captive Sith, Darth Hauntruss to the Temple on Coruscant a CIS ambassador coming to Coruscant to find ancient dark side artifact and destroy it Azrael Illoam crash site and stumbles upon Blackwing virus the zombies hordes of the "Harvesters" on Coruscant outbreak on Elrood training Aklt Hgath