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Cale Gunderson

Phantom Pains
Physical Traits and General Information

Fugitive #234511 / 4355-348-21CF (Alliance Military Service Number used under false identity)

Name: Gunderson, Cale

Alias(es): Cassian Feryn, Amber 6, Rogue 12, Darth Venatorum

Height: 6'2

Weight: 103 Kilograms

Age: 44, though biologically younger due to different function of time in the Netherworld

Species: Human

Force Sensitivity:

Former Allegiances

  • The Jedi Order (Republic)
  • The Galactic Republic
  • One Sith Order
  • Galactic Alliance Navy (Under False Identity)

  • Biological Father: Unknown
  • Biolgical Mother: Unknown
  • Adoptive Father: Hayel Gunderson, Deceased
  • Adoptive Mother: Liana Gunderson, Deceased
  • Twin Brother: Marek S'hadar, Alive
  • Adoptive Brother: Devin aka Galen S'hadar (Clone of Marek), Unknown
  • Numerous Adoptive Siblings: Alive

Gunderson was born a native of Coruscant in a impoverished sublevel, and months after birth both he and his twin brother were left in separate trash disposal units. Cale would be found by Hayel and Liana Gunderson, Nabooian missionaries, who would subsequently adopt him and raise him on Naboo for some time. Both Gundersons were in fact servants of the Dark Lord of the One Sith (claim corroborated by One Sith Records, Marek S'hadar, and a Silver Jedi Order investigation), and upon Cale displaying force sensitivity, would put the child through intensive mental programming and subsequently wiping any memory of the events before contacting the Jedi Order to take in their child.

Cale would grow up in the temple on Tython as a part of a notably large group of younglings, showing notable talent in the fields of flight and swordsmanship, and eventually would become one of several younglings at the time to be a Padawan to Master Sky Kerberos. Soon after, Gunderson began to report 'visions' later proven to be of his twin, who at the time was an Apprentice in the previous iteration of the Sith Empire, which notably distressed the young learner.

The two would have multiple confrontations, coming to a head at the conclusion of the 'Dark Harvest' event, wherin they (both recently Knighted according to records) were forced into cooperation and Cale, along with the Jedi [member="Josh DragonsFlame"] among others convinced his brother to defect and would later do the same for Marek's clone Galen, who he would also adopt as a brother.

He would serve with distinction throughout the Republic-Sith Empire war, and was present many major engagements including its conclusion on Korriban. Despite his brother leaving for the Silver Jedi Order, Cale would remain with the primary branch in the Republic and train at least one Padawan to Knighthood prior to the arrival of the One Sith.

During the Fall of Coruscant, Cale's mental programming was activated and he would turn on his comrades (testimony from Gunderson, validated by the SJO, indicates he was not in control of his actions and was instead reduced to the status of an observer). In this state Gunderson slew several fellow Jedi, allegedly including his longtime friend, and fellow Jedi Knight, Tallia Farn.

For the next several years, little is known other than he was active within the One Sith, what evidence there is suggests he operated under the title 'Darth Venatorum' however this name only appears in one record, despite multiple reports and footage showing an individual matching Gunderson's description being present numerous times. What little is known marks him as being an active 'Jedi Hunter' present for many high profile battles before taking up the role of enforcer on One Sith occupied worlds, notably Coruscant, where he led numerous vicious raids on alleged rebel cells.

It was also in service to the One Sith that Cale, under his Darth title, participated in numerous galactic events, including Akala's assault, and the Netherworld Crisis, with he himself being one of trillions transported to the hellish realm. It is speculated that his time in the separate plane of reality, and the death of the initial Dark Lord of the One Sith begun the process of breaking the hold of Cale's programming, though it would hold strong until mere months prior to the collapse of the One Sith.

Once awoken than turn himself over, Gunderson assumed the identity 'Cassian Feryn' and began flying for the GADF, seeing heavy combat against the First Order, notably on Kaeshena wherein he provided much needed air support to several ground units and was even considered for the highly decorated Rogue Squadron which he choose to decline likely due to the presence of several Force Users in its ranks.

Gunderson would find himself exposed on Thyferra, where after several attacks on advancing Sith Empire forces, he was shot down and engaged by a platoon of the Empire's 141st Airborne. Exposing himself as a force user by employing his lightsaber and the force itself, Gunderson survived both the crash and the engagement, but upon his recovery was identified as Gunderson, not Feryn by an Alliance Corporal who had faced him during the war with the One Sith.

Despite heavy injuries, Cale was held with intent to imprison prior to the intervention of Kei Raxis, who relieved him from the weary Alliance troops and brought him to the Silver Jedi on Kashyyyk. Following a demand for his return, the SJO refused and provided the information required for this report, and showed proof they were undergoing the process of removing Cale's mental conditioning as well as his general rehabilitation.

Despite this apparent turn for the better, Cale, with aid from the still living Tallia Farn, fled from the Silver Jedi, citing his belief they intended to keep him in a manner of gilded cage as they could never be confident in the full erasure of his programming. Though correct in his assumption, this act did lead to any appeals to remove him from the Galactic Alliance fugitive registry to be denied.

According to available reports, Gunderson participated in more than one anti-Sith and First Order organizations, acting as a smuggler on behalf of numerous resistance movements for several years. However, at some point any reports of Gunderson seemed to cease. Beyond a few alleged sightings alleging him to be living the life of a simple smuggler, and being quite the drunk, no reports of Gunderson have been filed since 859 ABY.

Strengths and Weaknesses

+ Cale is an exceptional pilot, even in spite of his newfound handicap, and still has the talent which earned him the prospect of joining Rogue Squadron.

+ Cale is exceptionally bright and perceptive, and plays to this to keep himself more or less out of trouble, and was a key reason in his ability to evade being found out for so long. He also has put his intellect to use in finding 'creative' (read: dirty) ways of defeating enemies.

+ Cale, despite missing an arm is still a capable combatant in close quarters, with the missing limb providing somewhat of an advantage in the fact he is now constantly underestimated, also he is competent with light blasters.

+/- Cale is an incredibly determined individual, but to the point of occasional impulsivity, this trait has a tendency to get him into difficult situations, but also tends to get him out of them.

+/- Cale, despite his capability, is still missing an arm and as such in close combat situations there are significant drawbacks, as all one has to do is slip to his right side to land some hits.

- Cale has taken up alcohol, stimsticks, and possibly spice following the loss of his arm and being forced to deal with the realities of all he was forced to do.

- Cale was once a skilled bladesman, but the loss of his saber and an arm, both of which were needed to practice Form V which he hyperspecialized in, has left his competency a shadow of its former self.

- A result of his recent misfortunes in addition to his forced servitude, Cale suffers from depression and PTSD.

In recent years, Cale's outlook has shifted to borderline nihilistic. Indifferent to the state of the galaxy, and adamant that any change for good or bad will be undone when whatever faction perpetuates it inevitably falls within the next decade, he sees no reason to try.

Notable Relationships (With Still Verifiably Living Persons)

[member="Tallia Farn"]

"We were Jedi Knights T."

One of, if not the only surviving youngling from the group Cale grew up with on Tython, once upon a time he and the Amnesiac Hapan Princess were close friends. Both, possibly concurrently, harbored an unspoken crush on one another which was never acted upon growing up, though if Cale ever truly was over it is up for debate. After his forced conversion, he attacked Farn in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, breaking the Dark Lord's control just long enough to urge her to flee, after which she was assumed dead, the guilt for which has haunted him since. Recently however, the two have encountered one another in the Silver Jedi's medical facility, with Tallia's memory mostly erased, and the future of their friendship uncertain.

[member="Marek S'hadar"]

"We're brothers Marek, I'm not going to abandon you."

A storied and complicated early history between the two exists preceding Marek's conversion to the light, however all of that has long since been forgotten. The two brothers care for each other like the family they are, however Cale's refusal to reveal himself for years on top of his newfound behaviors have strained their bond, but nothing could ever break it.

[member="Kei Raxis"]

"T-thank you."

The man who rescued Cale and took him to Kashyyyk for no other reason than it was the right thing to do, Cale regards the man as a friend, and sees himself as in his debt.


The Dreaded (formerly), Tragic Monster (formerly), Shell-Shocked Veteran, The Alcoholic, Combat Pragmatist, Handicapped Badass, Semi-Functional Addict, Byronic Hero

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