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Caid Centurion

Caid Centurion


NAME: Caid Centurion
ALIAS: Auctoritas
FACTION: Unaffiliated
RANK: Sith Lord; Prince of Endelaan
AGE: 36 (Appearance)
HEIGHT: 6'6" (1.98 meters)
WEIGHT: 240 lbs (108.8 kg)
EYES: Silver-Green
HAIR: Black
SKIN: Chocolate Brown




Athletic: The entirety of Caid's life has required him to be in peak physical condition merely to survive. Given the warrior mentality that was bred into him, Caid is extremely conscious about maintaining peak physical conditioning and combat prowess.

Analytical: While not necessarily a man of many words, Caid's mind is always constantly calculating his 'tactical' situation. Even if it does not take but a mere instant to reach a decision, Caid has already calculated the likely pros and cons of what he is about to do. This ability was innate in him at a young age, allowing him to survive in harsh environments, but it flourished under the tutelage of his instructors on Dathomir and subsequent life.

Martial Artist: Above average proficiency in martial arts.

Swordsman: Extremely proficient with long-blade and edged weapons.

Marksman: Extremely proficient with a bow and arrow. Above average proficiency with pistols and rifles.


Blunt: Caid has no filter and no desire to acquire one. This makes him a very large liability in any diplomatic situation.

Detached: Caid has a tendency to keep to himself, and he does not easily open up to others. This often creates friction when attempting to interact with a group of people that have a specific set of ideals.

Exacting: Despite his good intentions, Caid will often push the boundaries of morality to accomplish the objective. This is more a result of his lineage than upbringing, however.

Neutral Traits

Utilitarian: Caid knows the difference between right and wrong. He will always do what is best for the greater good, but that can often come with consequences.


CR-90 Corvette "Harkening"
VCX-100 Light Freighter "Phantom"
Daisya Infiltrator "Nightstalker"


Caid was born on Dathomir as Caid Thelonious Cavataio. His mother, Kristin Cavataio, was the daughter of the leader of the Morte Clan. Even as a child, Caid never really saw much of his father, Cameron Centurion. However, he heard enough about him to get the idea that the man was forever a ghost, slipping among the shadows of the galaxy. His mother would speak of the man on rare occasion, but whenever she did, it seemed to be with a mixture of respect and apathy if it were possible. Outside of that, the man's absence when completely unnoticed for vast majority of Caid's life. He was educated by the best mentors the Clan had to offer, and his combat training began almost as soon as he could walk. For years, Dathomir was all he really knew. Sure, he'd been instructed on the greater galaxy and the various finer points it held. He'd even received a limited amount of exposure to the 'Magic' manipulated by most of the Witches of Dathomir.

However, something innate in Caid kept him from truly accepting the realities of the Dathomiri way to manipulate the Force. The natural talent he inherited from his mother and father remained unrefined and latent due to his unwillingness to train in the ways of Dathomir. As a result of his latent force sensitivity, most activities regarding martial prowess and combat came fairly easy to Caid as a boy and only intensified with a grueling regime of continuous training and study. By the time Caid had turned thirteen, he was a full-fledged warrior of the Clan fighting alongside his kin and other members.

When it came time for Caid to choose his full path among the Clans at age eighteen, he delayed. Caid was not sure that a life permanently on Dathomir, living largely as a second-class citizen was all that appealing to him. He wanted to travel the galaxy and actually see all that it had to offer. Utilizing a simple YT-1300 freighter provided by one of his relatives, Caid departed Dathomir with a promise to his mother to one day return. Quickly, he found himself on the planet of Corellia. He spent roughly a year working random jobs here and there and fighting in an underground fighting league. It was through this endeavor that he caught the eye of a man named Trillian De'Vos. He fancied himself an entrepreneur, but his reputation as a fierce pirate was all too well known.

After accepting an offer to join De'Vos' crew, Caid left Corellia shortly after his nineteenth birthday to travel the galaxy. It was during this time that the Gulag Virus began to waft across the galaxy. Caid's nomadic lifestyle allowed him to escape its effects for a time. Eventually, however, the young Centurion was forced to accept the impending reality of his life. A cryptic message forwarded by his mother urged Caid to travel to a world he had never heard of. Corstris...it was apparently nestled very close to his homeworld of Dathomir but did not appear in any galactic records.

When Caid finally arrived at the coordinates provided by his mother, he found a planet that appeared largely lifeless. Before he could appropriately register what was happening, his world went black and he entered a dreamless sleep.

Hundreds of years later, Caid awoke in some type of enclosed chamber tucked deep in the bowels of some sort of laboratory. There did not appear to be any other signs of life in his immediate vicinity, yet he still proceeded with caution as he threw himself out of the large device. For several moments, he could barely feel his extremities. As the feeling returned, shooting pain ripped through his body with each flex of his muscles. It would be nearly twenty minutes before he was strong enough to stand and walk steadily. Sneaking through empty corridors, Caid eventually reached a hangar where a single vessel waited. Suspicious of his good fortune, the young Centurion took his time as he approached the VCX-100. When all appeared to be clear, he boarded and quickly rushed through an abbreviated start-up sequence. In less than forty-five minutes, Caid returned to the familiar comfort of space's silent darkness.

Falling back on the only memories he had prior to passing out, Caid returned to Corellia. It was during the journey that he was able to access the holonet and catch up on all that had happened in the...plethora of time he had been asleep. Caid never really questioned why his mother had sent him to Corstris or who had placed him in the containment apparatus. Attempts to contact his mother seemed to fall upon deaf ears as he never received a response. It would be years before Caid had the proof that his mother was no more.

Within a year of his return to Corellia, Caid was able to acquire himself an old CR-90 corvette through a gambling bet. It rather short order, he found enough people to staff a fledgling crew and set out among the stars. For several years, life continued to get better as the crew plundered and manipulated their way through a lucrative lifestyle. Preferring to use the name of a person that did not actually exist and would not link back to his family on Dathomir, Caid utilized his father's last name.

Little did he know that continuous use of the name Caid Centurion coupled with his description would eventually reach his father's ears...three years from the day he became Ship's Captain. Following a brief interaction with a Jedi Master named [member="Kiskla Grayson"], Caid took a hiatus which spilled into something of a permanent relocation to Anaxes. In the wake of the One Sith's advance on the Republic, Caid officially affiliated himself in their service, hoping neither for notoriety nor attention. At the same time, he initiated his training in the Force with a wayward Cathar Jedi Master by the name of Keishi Miahr.

That lasted...a few months, at least. Eventually, Caid departed the Republic's service, dissatisfied and jaded by the inevitable failure of any democratic entity. Returning to his home planet of Dathomir, Caid consented to serve in a leadership role among the warrior ranks. His sojourn on Dathomir lasted but a year before the reality of his genetics forced him to launch into the stars once more. In time, Caid settled on joining the Knights of Ren. The shadow organization permitted him to retain some level of anonymity while continuing his training and investigating the fledgling Imperial society.

Shortly after joining the Knights of Ren, Caid uncovered information relating to his family and its ancient past. Caid only gained this level of insight with the help of an Omwati Sith by the name of [member="Athena Heron"], a woman that had helped to capture much more than just information on the young Centurion's past. The information took Caid into the unknown regions of the galaxy. There, Caid discovered the planet Endelaan and the society that existed upon it. Further more, Caid was introduced to an extended family that he never knew he had. In due time, he accepted his place among the people of Endelaan, who recognized the blood that ran through his body as that of the Warrior Maximus and Sorceress Boadicea. Royal blood. This acceptance, however, did not see him challenging for outright rule of Endelaan.

During his sojourn, Caid was confronted by his father Cameron. After his father questioned the young man about his plans for life, Caid replied that he wanted nothing of specific value - merely the opportunity to live his life. In the tradition of Endelaan, Caid was challenged by his father to the Rite of the Warrior. Cameron's considerable advantage in experience in training was obvious even as Caid managed to hold his own for several minutes. In the end, Caid was struck down by his father and left for dead.

However, Caid was discovered and sustained by the current Queen of Endelaan. During his recovery and over time, Caid came to discover that [member="Nessarose deWinter"] was his blood...albeit a distant relation. Nessarose arranged for Caid to be trained by the best warriors on the planet. The burning fire of hatred for his father sustained Caid and pushed him to succeed. It wasn't until he learned to control his rage and emotions, however, that his teacher permitted him to engage in the Rite of the Warrior once more. Besting a senior member of the Queen's Guard, Caid was accepted into the Endelaan society completely and took his place alongside his cousin as a member of the ruling family. Several more months passed before Caid informed Nessarose of his intention to take his leave to find his own place among the stars. However, he did vow to return to Endelaan one day in the future.

Over a decade later, Caid would return to the planet Corstris in the wake of his father's death. The now Sith Lord destroyed every element of his father's monuments to the past, an effort to wipe part of the man's existence clean from the galaxy. Caid did not engage in this action because of a hatred for Cameron Centurion. Instead, he merely wished to move forward, forging his own destiny with as little of his father's shadow lingering over his head. A simple changing of the guard.

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