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Caelag Vass, The Eyeless Sniper

The Flame Major

NAME: Caelag Vass <Kay-lahg Vahss>
FACTION: Iron Empire
RANK: High Colonel - Sniper/Commando
SPECIES: Miraluka
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
ORIENTATION: Married to her work, gets distracted by ladies on ocassion (homosexual)
HEIGHT: 5' 5"
WEIGHT: 130 lbs
EYES: Does not have eyes
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Pale Caucasian skin


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ Given her 'sight' she is a rather talented shot. She also has the ability to focus through most walls, save exceptionally thick steel.

+ Knows her way around blaster rifles, despite being more comfortable with pistols and sniper/targeting rifles.

+ Force sensitivity means her reaction time is above average.

+ Has developed competent survival skills, owing in part to her determination to not be a burden.

+ Practices Fire Shaper (of Kro Var) styled Force powers, augmenting her in combat.

- Views herself as a burden to others, in part for her reliance on the Force to see. Thus she can be manipulated through that.

- Extremely susceptible to taunting, and can be driven to rage fueled assaults with proper pushes.

- Extreme desire to be useful can be manipulated by allies and enemies alike.

- Intense fear of failure can lead to break downs on the job.

- Physically weak, and relies on not being put in a state where strength is the primary concern.

- Force training leaves many many gaps.

- All melee skills are not her primary focus.

- Vong, along with certain technologies, can render her helpless by cutting off her 'vision' in the Force.

- Extremely self conscious about her appearance in regards to her face, particularly her lack of eyes.

Short length brown hair, lack of eyes covered by simple blindfold/bandages. Wears comfortable robes while off duty, and military medium armour whilst on duty.

Most of Caelag Vass's early years are unknown, at least prior to her being left in an orphanage as a toddler by an unnamed Republic soldier. Here, as a kid, she was often teased for her bandages over her eyes, and strange way of walking through the orphanage. At the age of six she was finally adopted by two citizens of the Republic, and finally given any real sense of belonging. Her parents were both part of the military, though she was given plenty of time to be around the both of them. When she was 15, her mother died in an attack on the One Sith, leaving a hole in her life. The moment she was able to, she enlisted in the army to honor her memory, and be of some use to the galaxy.

She passed along quietly through life for the waning days of the Galactic Republic's days controlling much of the galaxy, until she was part of an infiltration team attacking their biggest rivals at the time. In her infiltration of enemy lines, the squad's cover was blown, forcing a violent confrontation. In the chaos, her body was sent flying, and she was presumed dead when no one could find her among the dead that day. Ashamed of her utter, utter failure, Caelag had used the chance to sneak across the galaxy, to hide herself away with her one possession, her X-52, to try and live a normal life quietly where she could no longer be a burden for everyone.

Now a school teacher, she helps children to grow in safety, secretly keeping her skills with her sniper sharp as ever, just in case one day she would have to defend them. Nearby, the Iron Empire has grown into a galactic power, and though she is fairly certain they pose no threat... she would never take chances, chance had lead to her great failure after all. Here she was found by Princess [member="Aster Rose Baelor"], who convinced her to join the Iron Empire after a fateful event involving pirates and a schoolhouse.

Ever since, she has served with dignity and devotion rivaling the most faithful of devoted religion zealots, eager to prove herself useful. She further met her friend, [member=Théodred Heavenshield] who managed to convince the girl to finally accept the Force as a useful tool, and begin her journey to train in her chosen field of the Force. Determined to not be like the Jedi who failed to protect her mother, or the vicious Sith she despised, she chose a less followed path, that of a Shaper, teaching herself with help from what sources she could find. IT is here her journey begins to follow a familiar pattern, that of failure, repeated, and her ascension through loyalty among the Empire's military, to that of High Colonel, the highest of the high in field officers.

Such loyalty comes with its cost, as the woman would learn in time.

EQUIPMENT: Going to be double checking everything regarding the equipment with my faction, all things considered.
  • Melee: Combat knife and spare survival knife
  • Lightsaber: White
  • Officer's Will: Force Imbued blade

Short range:

Medium range:

Long range:

  • Depends on mission


SKILLSET: Ranked from: Untrained, Novice, Adept, Capable, Skilled, Gifted, Expert, Master

Explosives: Novice

Blaster Rifles: Gifted

Blaster Pistols: Capable

Blaster Sniper: Expert

Lightsaber: Novice

Sword: Novice

Force Shaping: Novice

Fire: Novice

Earth: Untrained

Air: Novice

Water: Untrained