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Cade Black

Cade Black

Cade Black
Name: Cade Black
Species: Human
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Color: Fair
Height: 1 m 34 cm
Weight: 87 kg
Faction: Atlas Academy
Rank: Je'daii Apprentice
Force Sensitive: Yes
Strengths and Weaknesses:
+) Physical Strength
Cade has good physical strength

-) Deslexic
Cade is unable to read properly or recognize basic numbers

+) Mental Strength
As well as having physical strength Cade has mental strength, except when it comes to reading and maths (see Deslexic)

-) Mood Swings
Cade has very random mood swings every once in a blue moon

+) Loyal
Cade is very loyal to his friends

-) Antisocial
Cade is very Antisocial
Blaster Pistol, unmodified
YT-1200 Light Freighter
Light Battle Armor
Casual Clothes:
Black Leather Jacket
White Tee-Shirt
Black Jeans
Black and White Sneakers
Relationship: None
Relationship Status: Single
Early Life
Cade spent most of his spare time alone as a child, when his parents were home they would barely bother to notice him, let alone spend time with him, so Cade was waited upon by Twi'lek slaves most of his child hood, he began to become quite affectionate towards the Twi'leks and saw them as his mother figures.

Attack of the Sith
Cade's childhood was never normal, his parents already knew he was disletic, because he failed almost every test or quiz that he tried to take at school, one day Cade was walking home from his school when he saw his house on fire in the distance, he ran and got there just in time to see a ship with the Sith logo.

Authority figures soon arrived on the scene and Cade was evacuated to an orphanage, they couldn't teach him anything so they made him scrub everything, it was horrible, but soon the Je'daii sensed a force sensitive individual in the orphanage.

The Je'daii sensed that Cade was that one individual who was even remotely force sensitive in the orphanage, they took him and after 3 years of preparation Cade was sent off to explore the galaxy with a YT-1200 light freighter at the age of 19

Atlas Academy
Cade wondered around the stars for a while when news reached his ears of an academy run by a Dark Jedi for every force sensitive being, no matter what they were or who they were, Cade joined this acadamy and has been enjoying himself the entire time and he hopes to enjoy it for longer. But they still let him explore the galaxy

Everyone Starts Somewhere...
One day Cade just randomly decided to visit Coroscaunt in his YT-1200 freighter for a 'joyride'[/spoiler


Bounties Collected:

Everyone starts somewhere
Opening the Doors