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Approved Tech Cabracan AT-LTA

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Intent: Artillery Walker for the Mnenchei Dominion.
Development Thread: None
Manufacturer: Ri'ess Regal Drives
Model: AT-LTA "Cabracan"
Affiliation: The Republic
Modularity: Ion Arc Cannons can be swapped with two Laser Autocannons for anti-air or two twin-Rotaries for anti-infantry.
Production: Minor
Material: Durasteel Alloy
Description: The Cabracan is a rudimentary, effective design for an all-terrain walker that is capable of operating in a multitude of environments from arctic to urban to toxic, etc. What the walker lacks in firepower and equipment it makes up for with heavy (HBT-grade) armor and efficiency. Its modest size and quadrupedal design allows it to fit snugly in carriers or under dropships and be highly mobile. It can rush into or behind front lines and begin laying down suppressive fire downrange within seconds of stationing and can even fire while mobile. Its bare minimal crew conserves infantry and resource expenditure. These walkers were invented to fill a need for long-range walkers in the Royal Expedition Corps.
Role: Artillery Walker
Height: 9.98 meters
Length: 11.12 meters
Width: 10.20 meters
Weight: 89 metric tons
Minimum Crew: 2
Optimal Crew: 3
Propulsion: Quadrupedal
Top Speed: 25 KMpH
Armaments: 2* Ion Arc Cannons, 1* Z-24 Rotary Blaster Cannon
Passenger Capacity: n|a
Cargo Capacity: 60 gal,; up to 350 kg
Misc. Equipment: 4* IR Smoke Pots (3 per leg), Repulsorlift Landing Buffer, Optical Sensor Array (1 forward-looking and 1 per cannon)(range; 1,000 meters)

Weapon System Details:
V-350 Ion Arc Cannon
Rate of Fire - 10 shots per minute, Velocity - 120 m/s, Capacity - apx. 130 shots per charge, Reload - n|a
Cabracan Laser Cannon
Rate of Fire - 60 shots per minute, Velocity - unknown, Capacity - apx. 400 shots per charge, Reload - n|a
Z-24 Rotary Blaster Cannon


Stark raving silly
A beefy, somewhat clumsy artillery platform with interchangeable weapons, that makes sense. Approved!

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Null Prime
What type of rate of fire are we looking at for these weapons? Is there need to rearm? If so, what is the ammunition limit? What degree of protection does its armor give it? (AT-AT level, or far less? What can damage it?)

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks! :)
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