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Approved Tech C.O.A.S.

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(art by this awesome guy)
Name: Covert Ops Assassin Suit
Intent: As an unique suit for my other character
Dev. thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Ri'ess Regal Drives with some modifications done to the technology
Model: N/A
Affiliation: My Character
Modularity: Nope
Production: Unique
Material: Armorweave with some protective Myoflex plates on the chest, back, knees and forearms. It also includes a helmet and gloves.
Description: The C.O.A.S. is a suit that has been developed for an organization that dealt with assassinations and other shady business. It doesn't offer much protection but was light weight and had a built in adaptive camouflage system, that's why its primary use were stealth missions.
The adaptive camouflage system recognized the environment the suit's wearer was in and changed its color and pattern accordingly, giving the wearer the ability to change colors just like a chameleon had. This could be influenced by the wearer at will. The A.C.S. made the wearer harder to spot from long distances.
The suit was designed so that it would not restrict the wearer’s mobility and allow them to move silently. The helmet has a night vision function, sound regulators and an air filter.
Classification: Stealth suit
Weight: 10 Kg
Quality: 3
Other Features:
- Adaptive Camouflage System (A.C.S.): This system was designed to recognize the surroundings the wearer was in and change the suit's color and pattern accordingly. It makes the wearer harder to spot, but not completely invisible.
- Helmet, includes night vision, sound regulator to negate any effect sonic based paralysis technology could have on the wearer and an air filter that filters out any toxic gases in the air.
- The helmet also features a detailed H.U.D. that can access the holonet, displays ammo count, the wearer's condition and detailed information about the battlefield.
This suit was made for my other character. I'm open to changing the suit to make it approvable (is that even a real word?)


Null Prime
Can you explain the adaptive camouflage system? Is it a true cloaking system? Or is it more of a mimetic system? How thorough is the camouflage component? Does it render true invisibility, ala cloaking systems? Or is it really more of a chameleon effect?

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Null Prime
Looks good. The last thing I had was to increase the weight to about 10 kg to accommodate the plates. Once that is changed, I feel that this can be approved.

Please tag me in your reply. Thanks! :)
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