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C is for Cards, Criminal, and Cartel

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
Cantonica, man this place was as desolate as Tattooine with one exception. Higher class of criminals. Well maybe not quite criminals, profiteers, gamblers, tourists with nothing better to do than spend money.

Well, what was she doing here then?

Aha...yeah she was here to get her slice of the pie. The Yacht was ready, the license applied for and paid for dearly, both above and under the table. did everyone on this dust ball need to get their share? Rekha stood on the dock she had gotten use to sailing with [member="Jon Burke"] a hundred years or so ago. Least it felt like a 100 years and it just never got out of her blood. Would he approve of this little gem?

She laughed, "it's as a name as any, so I hereby christen you The Little Gem she was going to have to take it for a spin to make sure it performed as well as her expectation of it. MandalTech had done a great job, and Rianna's daughter had taken on the duties of overseeing the project.

Yeah..she stared at it. It was a ship, it was a would glide across the water as easily as it skimmed the atmosphere.

She tugged on her shirt then looked up to where the casino sat. She knew she needed to get in there. It was just going to take a little time.

Somewhere in the casino in a secret room the Crime Cartel from all across the galaxy were meeting to discuss the state of the galaxy and how they could push their influence a little further.

Out in the Casino there were some shifty eyes and itchy hands trying to collect their share, while they plotted a way to rob the casino.

Among all these people there were still the romantics standing on the balcony looking at the lake and longing for am embrace.

Course now this part of space was under control of others, so it was possible they could show up, but who knew.

This is an open thread. Have fun.
Funding, and control.

That was the ultimate goal here. He was in his hotel, and went over the plan mentally one more time. He had a disguise, a security systems analyst. In his jacket- the company jacket, that was, he had a Verpine pistol. Totally silent and totally lethal. Like him. He had to get in, under the guise of updating the software of the casino. In truth, it was an upgrade. For him, at least.

Once he uploaded the virus (it didn't take a genius or even a computer whiz to plug something in), the security systems would hopefully be wiped, and then trigger all the alarms. All the contingencies that the casino had in mind. A shooter, a fire, theft- all that. However, localized on the floor. Lancer wasn't in it for the physical credits that were there, that wasn't enough, no.

Most money was digital. He just needed to get the account numbers, all the routing codes to all the offshore, off-planet banking facilities that the casino was using. Then, he'd take it to someone else, decrypt it, give them a cut, and take his untraceable, digital money elsewhere, wash it, and then turn it into something liquid. But for now, he needed to play the part of nerdy analyst.

He strolled into the casino, giving meak, awkward waves. People didn't want to talk to him, bespectacled little nerd that he was playing. They avoided him and waved him through. He tightened his grip on his little backpack. He wasn't even sweating- because it was cold in here. Why was it so cold? He made his way around the floor, avoiding most of the camera feeds for the time being.

Lancer had all the time in the world, so he walked quietly, looking no more out of place than any of the hundreds of workers that were there.

[member="Rekha Kaarde"]

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
[member="Lancer Damar"]

Behind her the first mate Jarrod, "Cap'n if you're thinking of going up there, you will need well ...something different to wear." He was a big man with strong meaty paws, a round belly, big heart, and enough strength to pound the life from a rancor. Least in her mind he did.

He was a good friend to her, she was godmother to his oldest daughter, and now he was going to help her break Mon Loup and [member="The Prince"] business.

"Different?" Rekha looked back at Jarrod, her face dropped as she laughed nervously, "you don't mean it.." She stepped to the side, "you're joking right?"

"No Capn if you want to fit in you will have to put on a dress."

Rekha put her hand to her chest and stumbled back, "OH god...a be a girl!" She shook her head, "no... I can't."

He playfully hit her shoulder nearly knocking her over, "Ya gotta look like em, not like..ya know the help."

She did have a dress, she had a few dresses actually. She just never wore them because...someone always ended up shooting at her and running in a dress and keeping a blaster handy on the inside of her leg was the weirdest way to walk. She walked almost bow legged when she wore the thigh holster..."Feth"

A dress...dammit..kark...feth...damn....Rekha disappeared to her quarters. She stared at the dresses, she needed to look like them? She just didn't believe that...but if she looked like she had credits maybe....ok..yeah she was willing to accept that.

An hour later she stood in the doorway of the casino in the a slinky number with lots of folds that allowed her to wear the holster and still manage some degree of comfort.

Ok she thought...let's go see what we can learn.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
She was standing still the holster had slipped some. She needed to get to the ladies room and fix this problem. Jarrod had joined the kitchen staff to help her out when she needed it. kitchens around this parts seemed to always need someone for KP. Jarrod didn't mind. He kept a go bag with him for Rekha.

Rekha shifted her weight one side to the other, anyone looking might catch on that she was uncomfortable. Others were too busy watching their winnings and tables to be concerned about a woman doing a little dance in the entrance of the casino.

What should she do now? She stopped moving when a droid came up with a tray. No eyes or faces just a mask behind it though were all the sensors telling it where to stop and go, and etc. She looked at the tray as if trying to decide it only held one kind of glass with one kind of fluid how hard was the choice? Then a little idea. She smiled staring at the blank 'face'. She dropped the tiny bag she carried, "oh..."

She did this kneeling balancing act to get down, but on the way up she adjusted her position and hit the tray full on. Glass went up, the droid stood in confusion, as it rained glasses and alcohol on Rekha. She couldn't help but grin she had done exactly what she hoped.

"OH dress is ruined, and my hair" Thank god the dress is ruined and who cares about the hair!! She reached out to steady herself while one of the many floor managers rushed over, "Oh my miss, are you alright?"

"Yes yes. I'm sure it's my fault..but I need to clean up...can you help me?"

He didn't hesitate all he saw was a customer, "yes this way."

Rekha walked slowly to give the impression of her distress which played perfectly with keeping the holster held high on her thigh while she walked, even though she still looked like she was doing the i gotta go dance.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
The ladies room was almost as big as her ship, holy feth. She looked around in awe of what she saw. No wonder this place had a rep. Wow...

Within a few moments another droid came in bearing a package, "It should be the right size Mam." Rekha took the parcel, "I'm sure it is. I'd like to thank your Master." Master what a horrid word it implied ownership and there were droids who were property but still the word made her cringe.

"Yes Mam, I will pass your wish along"

Rekha could only nod as she slipped into one of the larger stalls. Cautiously she opened the box not quite sure it wouldn't blow up inside there was a pair of black pants, silken white shirt with a note, "Captain this would suite you better" Rekha arched a brow not a good sign someone knew who she was. Now what?

Play along, yeah that's what she would do. She changed and emerged looking a bit more like herself the clothes however still blended in with everyone around her. She decided to be a bit creative with the blaster, it would be uncomfortable and she could shoot herself. Pulling her up and wrapped the belt of the holster around her hair keeping it under her hair and hopefully out of sight. Safety on. She wouldn't be able to do any sudden moments but she'd still have a level of comfort knowing it was within reach.

She stood before the droid, "very nice"

"Yes Mam, your dress will be cleaned and returned to your ship."

"Good" Rekha walked slowly out and began to scan the room, ok..who was the mysterious benefactor.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
No faces in a sea of faces looked familiar she'd have to keep her eyes open.

She had to relax and she wanted some fun. She wasn't a good sabacc player anymore she needed something a little more tame...dice. The Lucky Lady headed for the tables she motioned for a drink and set her credits down in exchange for some chips.

She felt the tension slowly drain away as she made her fist wager...her heart beat a little faster, she could feel that mix of anxiety and excitement pooling in her belly...she watched the dice roll..............YES!!!

Her shout startled those around her, "sorry..." she laughed as she took in her meager winnings..well now...this was a good start. She changed the color and bet the would take a bit more to win...

another drink arrived...

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
The Casino was being good to her she had rolled the dice a few times taking in some credits and forgetting about what had happened earlier. She was comfortable if not in her element she was certainly growing accustomed to the environment.

The dice felt good in her hand but what really seemed to get her going was the adrenaline rush that hit her each time she rolled waiting for the outcome. Feth she could see how this could become addicting.

She looked down at the small stack of chips she needed break, how long had she been standing in this one place. She nodded and backed out her chips taken care of by the droid who had become her personal attendant. When did that happen?

She needed some air and the balcony offered it for free.

The night air was refreshing she stood with her hands on the railing staring out at the water. How beautiful the moon light hit it just right. If it wasn't for the sounds of the casino behind her this would be a perfect time.

She was lost in her thoughts staring at the water. The peacefulness did not last long, "hello cher"

Rekha froze caught off guard she shook her head and turned to look to where the voice came from, "Hello Loup, fancy seeing you here"

He smiled that devilish smile that won over hearts and minds so easily. "I could say the same to you" He stepped towards her she recognized the familiar lope instinctively she stepped back.

He had left her for dead after having his thugs beat on her that had broken all things between them. The unspoken rule everything else she might find some miniscule bit for forgiveness but not that. Never that.

"Glad the clothes fit."

Feth..."you picked them out?" She stood straight and did a little turn, "yes they fit perfectly." She smiled, "Cut to the chase what do you want?" She moved around making sure the blaster was where she could get it.

"The question is cher what are you looking for?" He took a few more steps he had to admit she did look good no sign of broken bones, no bruising, but he did notice she still had a little limp. He felt bad for that a woman like her being hurt but she had crossed a line. She brought it on herself. It was going to be a shame when he really killed her.

She should have known but she had been careless. "I'm looking for [member="The Prince"] and all your connections to what you were doing on Coruscant." She had her droid looking for all things that had the letter CM in their titles for Coruscant. He should have it soon.

"Cher stay away from the Prince while I can hurt you physically he will just make you disappear."

That familiar chill went down her spine, "Cher your alliance friends might not like it if they knew what you use to a shame wouldn't if....[member="Coren Starchaser"], [member="Eliza Steele"] and your other friends knew. They might just leave you."

They wouldn't. That was the thing about Loup he thought he could hold her past over her head but she had taken care of it with Coren. Eliza knowing her she'd see it as the past and the present would be all that mattered. Besides the Alliance was in excile with ORC, she could be a bit bad with them. They didn't mind it so much as the eyes of the galaxy weren't on them..least in the past it wasn't.

He saw a change in her eyes the emotions that flickered there changing from uncertainty to confident. She had done something alright...but what exactly. "

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
"You know I've decided something Mon Loup this galaxy it really isn't big enough for the two of us. You keep showing up and thinking you got the rancor by the tail and I keep yanking it out of your hand. I'm tired of the game and you in it."

She shook her head, "I've disappeared before and come back if [member="The Prince"] is going to do it i'm thinking he needs good reason. whatever was in the warehouse that night I'll figure it out and all of this will end." She wished for a moment she could just rip the clothes off and...she comfortable as she was the thought that he had picked them out made her skin crawl.

She pulled the shirt off and stepped out of the pants. those around them gasped she stood there everything underneath was hers. She stepped closer to whisper to him, "you know I would have given anything at one time for you, I'd have done anything but that time is done. You drew blood..time you watch over your shoulder Marcus. You stay away from friends Coren will shred you into little pieces, and Eliza will unman you." She smiled again it was a bit cool out here.

She slipped passed him to a table and pulled the tablecloth off in one pull...nothing fell, "WAH LAH!!!" a few clapped as she wrapped herself into her new dress. She looked back at Marcus aka Mon Loup the look on his face was familiar. For a few moments he admired her again but then the sadness returned he knew what she said was true.

One of them wasn't going to get out of this in one piece breathing.

Rekha was halfway through the lobby when a protocol droid stopped her, "Captain Kaarde follow me please. Representative Talia Arken would like to speak with you."

Rekha nodded, who was Arken?

[member="Coren Starchaser"] / [member="Eliza Steele"] - just for you awareness.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
Rekha followed in her makeshift toga not quite sure what the representative would want with her but she was curious enough to go and find out. There was a small problem...the blaster that she had made sure to keep with her was taken by security with a promise to give it back later.

Right she put a small trust into that.

The corridor was brightly lit, no windows, no guards that she could see. All along though sound filtered in from the casino. If it was meant to be enticing it might walk on folks but not on her. Gambling was for fun, not a way of life, and definitely not a career she had made for herself. They stopped in front of a door a soft jingle could be heard and then the door opened.

Inside a figured wrapped in a cloak stood staring out the window towards the racetrack.

Rekha put her hands behind her back rocked on her heels for a minute, "Representative you asked to see me. I'm"

"I know who you are Captain Rekha Kaarde." The woman turned Rekha found herself holding her breath. She was lovely pure white hair as straight as string, skin so milky white you'd think you could drink it, and her eyes the perfect crystal blue all set against the black liner of her cape. Rekha was staring her.

The Representative picked up on it almost immediately, "please sit Captain. I think I know why you are here in Canto Bight." Rekha's green eyes followed her every movement all she kept thinking about was how effortless it seemed. She was all fluid and elegance that made Rekha's insides turn over and over.

"Mam maybe you would like to share with me why you think I'm here." She couldn't let herself get lost in the subtle movements of this woman.

The woman smiled her pale pink lips turning ever so slightly upwards, "The encounter you had on the balcony you're here because of him." For a moment Rekha thought about admitting it, but she wasn't born yesterday.

"I didn't know he was here actually finding him just a bonus. Not the real reason though, nice try." She smiled. So now what angle was this representative playing, good guy, bad guy, jealous woman...what?

Rekha leaned forward, "How do you know Marcus mam?"

It was a shot in the dark but Rekha was willing to take it. She'd either hit the target or missing it by a mile.

The representative smiled, "you think I know him, and that would be the reason I'd want to see you. To...what protect my interests perhaps?"

Rekha shrugged, "it's possible."

She smiled softly at Rekha, "Mon Loup you would think would be more cautious about his.....endeavors. But aside from that let's say we have mutual interests"

Rekha cringed inside. She was using her nickname for him...she didn't know whether to be jealous or angry. "really."

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
Well that could mean any fething thing now couldn't it. Rekha had to get smarter right now this woman used her words with caution.
How to combat that?

"Mutual interests" her green eyes watched the Representatives face so far she had given nothing away. "If your mutual interests bring you anywhere near MY interests you and I could find ourselves at odds" Ok she wasn't going to sugar coat it or play the game.

She wasn't good at that game she was the hit it on the head with a hammer type.

"Captain Kaarde I can assure you that my interests are not aligned with anything on Catonica, or Bespin."

So she knew where Rekha had interests she noticed how she did not bring up Coruscant which meant that's where the interests were.

"Coruscant offers some unique opportunities" Rekha remarked hoping to get some kind of reaction.

"It does Captain."

Rekha tried hard not to smile this time they could play at this a long time. "Ok...let's get to the point of it all...what do you want?" Rekha shifted her toga slightly, the tablecloth was good for temporary she was ready to go back to the ship.

"I wanted to merely offer you a suggestion Captain." The Representative leaned forward slightly she wanted to ensure that there wasn't any miscommunication, "You are a small fish in large ocean and the rancors are hungry. Perhaps you should move back to Bespin before you're eaten."

Rekha stood up, "I like Coruscant and if I can get the ear of [member="Zeradias Mant"] of Coruscant first I'm going to tell him about the rancors. But you do what you have to I'll be serving drinks every night. Stop by if you want."

Rekha smiled, "how much for the table cloth?"

The representative gave a small nod, "consider it a gift. Good luck with your party boat business."

"Thanks" Rekha exited quickly. Feth feth the pool of people wanting her off Coruscant or away from what the feth Loup was involved with just go bigger. She had to contend with the flipping [member="The Prince"] and now the representative.

She wanted to scream...her hair wasn't on fire yet so no need to call [member="Coren Starchaser"] but she had a feeling her hair was going to be getting really warm.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
Rekha headed back towards the main hall of the casino still dressed in her tablecloth toga. Aggravation coupled with so many question was giving her a headache. She had to figure this out or lose her marbles.

She wanted a drink to calm her nerves or ramp them up. She really wasn't dressed for the undertaking in the casino. She would have to return to The Little Gem. Where was Jarrod with her clothes, didn't he have a spare set just in case.

She knew him he was here somewhere she just didn't have time to look.

Outside the casino she finally got a look at herself. The white tablecloth actually accented her skin giving her a darker complexion that she actually possessed. Her brunette hair with bits of red running through it was neat without being stringy and out of place as it hung about her shoulders. Her eyes though even she could see the anger in them.

She sighed heavily looking at everyone coming in, shame she didn't recognize any of their faces. These were the credit laden rich either through arms, or family connection not exactly the smuggler bartender crowd.

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
From behind her he lumbered toward her she wasn't looking in the right direction.

"Cap'n is that you?"

Rekha turned, "yeah. You got my clothes l?" He was to have brought them looking at his empty hands she had a sinking feeling.

"No um they were taken."

Feth nothing was sacred they took her clothes. Really. Geez she rolled her eyes. Looking down at the table cloth she shook her head.

"I'm hungry let's eat" she wasn't going to focus on it there wasn't much she could do. That was fine. But food was on her mind.

She ate when things bothered her. This bothered her a lot.

"So how was the kitchen?"

Rekha Kaarde

Ms. Sarcasm
There were two dining room one for high rollers the other for breaking even. Rekhas looked inside the first room with it's fine white tablecloths white crystal and polished silver.

No that wasn't her. The host looked her over head to foot in her tablecloth dress it was clear in his eyes that she shouldn't enter. This just ticked her off she hated that look. Ya know the snooty one.

"Table for 2. By the window" there were several the host started to shake his head till Jarrod spoke up, "do you have fowl tenders?"

Rekhas tried not to laugh. Figures fancy place he wants tenders "I'm sure they will make you what you want"

She needed to think. Clear her mind. Food. She wanted food.