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Busting some Rhymes.

Diana stood at the center of a small rotunda, walls echoing all around her as she made even the tiniest hint of noise. She was waiting here for one of the Knights, she was here to practice her dueling. The thought made her smile slightly, dueling always gave her such pleasure, all the intricate plots and ploys. She had no idea who she was actually meeting here today. Just that they would be dueling, she hoped that whoever it was did not view lightsabers as simple toys.

It was truthfully rather exciting for the young Jedi Padawan, she had always enjoyed dueling and getting to fight a Jedi Knight was simply...exciting. She had fought a Master before, a Sith on Tython, Since then she had been terrified of battle. This time however she just couldn't wait to start fighting.

“Please hurry.” She mouthed to herself, speaking to the Knight that was not here. Of course her opponent could not hear her, but she could hardly contain herself. A Jedi Master was within another Tier. Fighting one would be fantastic, and unlike her previous duel with a powerful force user there was no chance of death. Silently she waited for her opponent, feeling no fear.
For the duration of her stay on Coruscant, Daella had gotten into a simple routine. Every morning once she awoke and dressed herself in her usual garb, she would go to the same rotunda each day. For roughly an hour, she would practice with her lightsaber. After she finished, she would continue with her day in whatever manner was required of her.

As @[member="Diana Moridena"] awaited near the rotunda, Daella walked in and toward the center of the rotunda just as she did every day.
Diana watched as a young woman entered the rotunda, she was about the same age as herself. She had blonde hair, a lithe and athletic figure and was built for combat. The other woman was new to her, and she had never seen her before, all around she appeared to be a perfect Jedi though truthfully she looked a bit like an elf. Diana waved to the woman, a slight awkward hand gesture in greeting. She smiled at the girl and eyed the weapon on the far end of the rotunda sitting on a shelf.

“I'm not sure what to fight with.” She said stillvstaring at the training sabers and staffs on far end of the round room. The idea that Jedi were experts with all weapons was a Myth.

Diana bit her lip slightly as she stared at the woman, waiting for an answer. She was unaware where the womans skills were, though her own were with two lightsabers. When she entered combat with two blades in her hands she was like a dancer.
Blue eyes glanced toward Diana as she struggled with choosing a weapon. Her stoic face bore no change as she examined Diana.

After a several second lull, Daella tersely replied, "With whatever feels right."

Then, the girl turned around - facing where she came from - and began to walk away.
Diana opened her eyes wide as the other woman started to walk away. She shrugged slightly and drew the lightsabers from her side, both of the weapons were training sabers that Diana had prepared before coming here. She ignited the blades, and then bounded towards her prey.

The young padawans movements were swift and to the point, she figured that walking away had been a ploy to make her go easy on the other woman, such would not be the case. Diana jumped forward towards the woman, swinging her lightsabers towards the blondes torso. At the same time she kicked at the womans knee's, hoping to knock her out of her pace.
As soon as Diana ignited her training sabers, Daella ceased to walk. She glanced slightly back from her shoulder. As Diana leaped toward Daella, she already unclipped her lightsaber from her hilt and grasped it in her right hand.

The closer Diana got, the more Daella’s face shifted from a blank to a scowl. With a press of a button, she ignited her yellow bladed lightsaber. When Diana slashed her training sabers toward Daella, she spun around and caught both of them with her lightsaber.

In response to Diana’s kick, Daella pushed upon her feet in order to knock down Diana as she pressed her lightsaber upon Diana’s training sabers. Daella did not do much in regards to Diana’s kick. As Diana’s foot made contact with Daella’s right knee, Daella was just finishing pushing off her right foot. Despite her right leg kicking back for a second, Daella quickly got it back on the ground with a square stance - compared to what most likely would have been Diana’s crossed legs with only one planted on the ground.

Yield,” warned Daella as she glared at Diana’s face.
Diana couldn't help but recoil backwards as Daella rebounded her lightsaber strike and kick. There was something slightly jarring about the counter and as she fell back on her butt she couldn't help but feel slightly shaken. As she hit the ground Diana winced slightly, Daella had been very quick. She frowned, and immediately got back onto her feet, sliding across the hard ground and returning to a standing position just a meter or two away from Daella. She smiled slightly, she had to admit that Daella was pretty slick.

“Wouldn't that be the opposite of the point of a practice fight?” She was truthfully quite confused. Had she offended the woman by attacking her so soon, had she not been in the right?
When Diana fell back, Daella took a couple steps backward. As Diana began to slide back, Daella looked to her lightsaber and turned a dial on it. The lightsaber’s hum shifted in tone as she did so.

To not die is better,” stated Daella as she looked back toward Diana.

Daella started as she took a step forward with her right leg. Then, she commanded Diana, “Attack.

The scowl on Daella’s face had shifted back to its normal stoic look. She held her lightsaber with her right hand - pointing the blade to the ground.
Diana's face slowly slipped into a mirror of Daella's own. She gave the other woman a nod and then began to spin her lightsabers in her hand, it was little more than a show of finesse, but it gave Diana a boost of confidence. She stared at the other woman, her face made of Stone. She let out a deep breath, focusing herself and allowing the force to fill her. She was out matched here, the knight was better trained and likely more powerful, but Diana could win, she just had to get into her Zone.

Once again Diana bounded forward, her lightsabers scraping the ground. She left only a single contrail on the ground as she reached Daella, she slashed the lightsaber in her left hand towards the womans leg and sent the other blade towards the womans torso. Her blades moved with amazing speed, almost eliminating the lightsabers trademark sound.
Once Diana leaped forward, Daella bent her knees and ducked down a bit. As Diana just began to lead her slashes, Daella bounded forward as well with broadened eyes and blonde hair flying back. She took a half step with her left foot and pushed off of it - jumping forward with her right.

Planting her feet back on the ground, Daella’s left foot would have been a little further out than it was beforehand and the closer foot to Diana. Her right foot was slightly back and mirrored the center of Diana’s body - it also would have been the target of the training saber in Diana’s left hand. Daella kept her body low to the ground and had raised her lightsaber up. The blade was almost horizontal and pointing to Daella’s left. It pointed slightly down. Her elbows to pointing toward her right.

Deliberately, Daella attacked the training saber that Diana held in her right hand - which aimed for Daella’s upper body. As soon as Daella managed to touch the upper portion of Diana’s training saber, she pushed back as hard as she could for a split second - as if to halt Diana’s saber.

At that moment, Daella ducked her torso so that her head would be below the saber in Diana’s right hand. She also dropped her elbows. Daella’s lightsaber began to rotate around Diana’s saber. Simultaneously, Daella swung her right foot back in order to pivot on her left leg.

Moving her upper body to the left and continuing to rotate her lightsaber clockwise from her point of her, Daella eventually had her body positioned so that she was to the right of Diana, faced an perpendicular direction compared to what Diana faced. She held her lightsaber vertically and in between her body and the training saber held by Diana’s right hand.

Just by moving her own body, Daella got into a position that would have been as if Diana attempted to slice horizontally outward at Daella’s torso with the saber in her right hand. This shift in her position took less than a second.

Then to counter Diana, Daella pushed off her right foot and moved laterally toward Diana. She kept her lightsaber grazing against Diana’s training saber and would continue to do so down the entire blade. Daella’s blade was on a course for Diana’s right hand and arm - assuming Diana did not have a cross guard on a training saber. With Daella turning down the power of her lightsaber just a second ago, the effect would have just been burns if it contacted Diana.
Daella moved far more swiftly than Diana had at first anticipated, she was far more lithe than the young padawan had expected. Diana moved backwards, or tried to. Daella however had locked her in place and a moment later she felt the searing pain of a the training lightsaber on her hand, she had nearly been dissected. She let out a yelp of pain as the saber hit her hand and out of solid reaction she dropped her own saber. As soon as she dropped her saber Diana disengaged from Daella, bounding backwards and twirling her remaining lightsaber, a weapon she had long ago perfected.

She stared at Daella this time, not moving forward or attacking. She placed her lightsaber in a defensive posture, not wanting to attack this time. She needed to catch Daella when she was aggressive, Diana needed to get her when she was slacking.

The Jedi Padawan motioned for her counterpart to attack this time. She knew that one could not always be on the attack, such a thing was folly. So she readied herself, preparing to turn on a dime.
Once Daella grazed Diana’s fingers, she stepped back and waited for Diana to regain her stance. Once Diana assumed her stance, Daella stood in place for possibly thirty seconds.

Then, Daella lifted her lightsaber up with just her right arm. She held the blade horizontally and pointed to the left. She slid her left foot back just a bit and pressed her weight upon it.

Without much more of warning, Daella dashed toward Diana. She arced around toward Diana’s left side. Then with not much force, Daella swung her right arm outwards and toward Diana’s upper torso.
This time Diana was ready, she moved quickly and with absolute determination. She wound her left hand towards Daella's incoming swing, catching her arm in her palm. Then she swung her lightsaber towards the older girls torso, she was determined to win, even when fighting above her station.
When Diana caught Daella’s arm, Daella sported an unamused frown. As Diana began to slash her training saber at Daella’s body, Daella pushed on her feet against the resistance Diana’s arm would have provided. At the same time, she grabbed the bottom half of her lightsaber hilt with her left hand.

Once she had both hands on her lightsaber, Daella took a step back with her left foot and pivoted on her right. She bent her left elbow so that Diana would not have to move a single inch. With Diana holding Daella’s right arm with her left hand, Daella would have been moving toward Diana’s left side and Diana would have been swinging her training saber across her body.

Rotating her lightsaber just a bit, Daella effortlessly caught Diana’s training saber with her yellow blade. Diana’s blade was above Daella’s, which was mostly horizontal and pointed slightly to the ground. Daella’s wrists were crossed.

Then to counter Diana’s attack, Daella pulled on her left hand as hard as possible. She also attempted to rotate her right wrist. In effect, Daella would have been attempting to rotate her lightsaber with the strength of almost two hands. She attempted to rotate her lightsaber clockwise relative to her perspective, which would have been counter-clockwise to Diana.

Leaning her upper body back as if to avoid any strikes, Daella did not let up on her strength. Her right arm would have likely been twisted and bruised where Diana grasped her if Diana did not let go. The manner in which Daella’s rotated her lightsaber threatened to push Diana’s training saber into Diana’s left arm if Diana did not let go. If Diana disengaged her training saber from contact with Daella’s lightsaber, then Daella’s lightsaber would have made contact with Diana’s left arm if she did not let go.
Diana did let go, there was no more need to hold the other woman in place. She wound herself backwards, sliding her foot in place and moving her right arm back as well so Daella's lightsaber was locked into place. Then she lashed out with her left hand, her fist moving like a viper towards Daella's face.

The young padawan's attacks were not planned or even really well thought out. It was obvious that she was ill practiced in elegant ways of fighting, she preferred harsh aggressive attacks to coordinated bouts. It was of no surprise of course given her age and experience in true fights, her moves were fast and aggressive within them there was no doubt. Every attack she made was with powerful resolve, no hesitation behind them.
Once Diana released Daella’s arm, Daella exhaled a slight breath of air. Daella’s eyes twitched the instance Diana’s fist began to travel toward her face.

Despite Diana’s intentions, there were no means to lock Daella’s lightsaber in place with just her lightsaber. The movement of Diana’s right arm backward slid her training saber along Daella’s lightsaber. Plus, Daella took a step back with her right foot and pulled her elbows up and back. Her lightsaber would have slid away from Diana’s training saber completely. Attempts to keep it in place would have to involve Diana positioning Daella’s lightsaber between herself and her training saber.

By moving her hand just to the right of her own head, Daella positioned her lightsaber pointing diagonally down and toward her left. The yellow blade hummed just a foot from Daella’s face and was poised to intercept Diana’s strike.
Diana smirked slightly as she moved towards the young girl, she stopped herself however noting the other Jedi's response to her attack. Almost at the last second Diana stopped her fist, she did so by leaning backwards and essentially entering a controlled fall to the left. She fell into a roll at Daella's feet, moving around the Jedi's legs and then slicing her lightsaber towards the Jedi's leg.

She moved swiftly and with grace. Fighting this Knight was difficult, she had to learn to be more controlled, to think ahead. She was the one that had to set the pace.
With Diana rolling to her left, she would have positioned herself to the right of Daella. When Diana rolled toward Daella’s legs, Daella took a step to the left - thus still keeping Diana to her left.

As Diana slashed at Daella’s legs, Daella released it from her left hand’s grasp and swung it down. She oriented the blade so that it was perfectly vertical and perpendicular to the ground. Holding her arm out in the direction of Diana, Daella managed to block the training saber with her lightsaber - its yellow blade pressing upon the ground and hissing.

Turning her head to her right, Daella silently looked down at Diana from the corner of her eye.