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Business as Usual

Bastion, Ravelin City

It had been a long day for Evoza. She was no common bounty hunter but today's work sure had her felt like one, after hunting rebels in the City that had recently be conquered by a new group of sith. Why exactly wasn't known to her but she couldn't care less. All she had been told that one of the sith lords had used his far reaching connections to hire bounty hunters and hitman from all around the galaxy to kill a handful of targets scattered across the city. No one important, people barely involved with the rebellion and to meaningless for the sith to hunt them down themselves.

It was the fourth hit of the night, and it was slowly getting tiring. Not that she took to much pleasure in her job to start with, but at least she was good at it and earned more than a few credits. The young chiss woman wore a black bodysuit and a helmet over her face, while moving through the shadows of the night, making her way to the outskirts of bastions capital. Her current target was hiding out in low budget housing complex, trying to avoid any outside contact.

With a grappling hook she began to climb up on the buildings outside wall. There where still 13 levels she had to pass by until she would reach her target, a thought that wasn't really helpful to make her feel less tired. Yet she knew that she had to keep it together for a bit longer, if she wanted to survive at least.


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