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Business and Tattoos


I like rough edges...

''Club Vicious''. The name made her think about if it was just a cool sounding name or if it had a deeper literal meaning to it. Either way, this was the address Ray had given her along with a short but unmistakenly description of the owner: a red skinned zabrak lady, black tattoos, about her own height and yellowish eyes you didn't want to be looking upon you with anger. Interesting!

The trip from Denon had gone smoothly and it was not too late yet, about past dinner time, and she couldn't deny the place was looking inviting for a drink or two. Still, business had to be done for the Order.

Eyeing a couple of guests that was greeted by a headwaiter she found that her attire for the night was not equally as formal. She had at least left the tools she used to carry in her belt and her combat gloves back at the ship. Now only her blaster rested upon her right hip and a comlink at the front of the belt. She wore a pair of dark brown, knee-high boots made of adapted rancor skin. A pair of slim fit black pants along with a tight fitting white top with short arms and her regular open smugglers jacket. Her rylothian headpiece as usual finishing off the outfit, one lekku resting in front of her and the other one at the back. Practical, just as she liked it, yet clean and tidy. Would be fitting on any nightclub.

Ray had told her about the club, how it hosted several floors, the first one containing a rather fancy restaurant. Approaching the headwaiter with confidence she noticed his thought-to-be discreet look upon her, maybe comparing the attire to the dress code. As much as she wanted to ask the man what he was looking at, she left it be. Answering his look with her intense hazel gaze she walked up to him and kept a serious face.

''I'm looking for the owner. She should've been notified. Ray sends his regards.'' she said and it soon became clear for the man that she was expected. He gave her a polite bow and smile before welcoming the rutian twi'lek inside and showed her to a booth set with fancy but simplistic decorations.

''Would you like something to drink, ma'am? May I suggest the wine of the evening?'' the headwaiter continued the politeness, doing his job flawlessly. His facial expression staying professional when she instead of wine ordered a glass of whiskey and signed to a waiter to get the drink before telling her he would be at the enterance if she needed anything else. Fancy place, indeed.

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