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Emile Kaiden

There's a new guy in town. Well, actually, the character's been in the works for at least two weeks now. Sad, I know, especially since his bio isn't overly pretty nor informative but hey, we play with the cards we're dealt, no? Bachelor #476 enjoys stalking prey, having a laugh, and just making an all around fool of everyone. His special talents include existing.

Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is I'd like this dude to belong to something. I'm leaning, almost to the point of falling out of my chair, towards Sith, but if you really wanna fight for him, I can be persuaded.

So, yeah, who will take 'im?
I guess to give a rundown on what I understand of the three Major Faction with Sith:
  • The Resurgent Empire - It's similar to the Empire in SWTOR - with a Dark Council leading the Empire and people joining a Sphere lead by a Councilor. There are Castes too. So, it's very structured and orderly.
  • The Sith Ascendancy - In contrast, the Ascendancy is very open. It has a group of leaders - High Masters - that give a general direction, yet people are allowed to do as they please so long as it doesn't go against the Faction. It might have changed last I checked, though.
  • The Dominion - The Dominion as a whole is just as the Alliance in SWTOR - with Sith working with Jedi because the Dominion has found a threat worth uniting against. They're on a Warhammer kick too, if you want an idea of what they're supposedly fighting against without being spoiled.
That said, I know the Resurgent Empire will accept you. Soeht will love you no matter who you are.

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