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Bugnology Research & Manufacturing™



Company Logo​

Name: Bugnology Research & Manufacturing™
Headquarters: Helska IV (since it's going to belong to the Fel Imperium once we go major)
Locations: Helska IV only for now
Operations: Development and Manufacturing of Technology for the Fel Imperium
Rationale: After leaving Coruscant and joining up with the Fel Imperium, Zrs’fes negotiated with the Imperium’s leader, Ronin Fel, and they agreed on a deal that would benefit both. Zrs’fes would get resources to carry out R&D and afterwards produce whatever technology he was working on to benefit the Imperium
Tier: II

The name Bugnology originated from an old shop Zrs used to own on Corellia. He named this company in honor of that shop and his friends that died because of it. The main focus of Bugnology is developing new technology in many fields including, but no limited to: Medicine, Starships, Weaponry, Vehicles, etc. The company exclusively produces for the Fel Imperium and if the Imperator, Ronin Fel, approves, a request from Non-Fel Imperium members will also be carried out.
There has also been a lot of controversy about the methods of testing this company uses. It’s being said that they use living, sentient test subjects for many medicines and weaponry testing. This has given many residents of the Fel Imperium reason to start an campaign against Bugnology and their testing.


This is my first ever company. Please forgive me if I did something wrong and I'll add/change information if needed.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran

The Helska system is in Sith space. You'll need to choose a new location. It would be very difficult to produce goods for a faction like the Fel Empire if your company is located under the thumb of the Sith.