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Approved Tech BTI-DSG "The Hibernator"

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An Honest Man

Intent: To make a stun weapon in line with the Blas-Tech's standards.

Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Browncoat Arms | Cade Lee Designer

Model: BTI-SG "The Hibernator"

Affiliation: Browncoat Arms

Modularity: No

Production: Mass

Material: Durasteel, usual suspects)

Description: After Jacen Cavill joined with the Moross Crusade, he "contacted" (wink and nod here) the owner of Blas-Tech Industries and take a CS-33 Firespray stun rifle and turn that into a pistol, with a rather odd design. Nowhere in line with the companies usual look, or remotely looking like it belonged in a line-up of weapons like the one that the company was making. This reason was quite simple, to the uneducated masses who followed the fanatical religion, it would look like a magical device to them thanks to it's bronzium finish and archaic design. Inside, all the components remained the same like the would on a typical stun rifle.

It uses the new "Plug N Fire" power cells like the rest of the Blas-Tech's weapons, and the cell must be replaced at the bottom. There is nothing unique about the weapon save for it's look, and it's essentially a powered down blaster weapon. Instead of having a tight beam of fire like the CS-33 it instead fires a tight beam blast. One shot will stun most humanoids, with two-three shots being enough to kill an individual if delivered in a quick enough succession. Keeping in line with it's secret purpose of being standard technology dressed up like religious iconography to fool the masses, and it's unconventional look, it is made only for those high up in the religion that the Moross Crusade practices.

Aside from it's very distinct, if un-traditional appearance. It is nothing more than a high powered stun gun decorated to impressed the uneducated masses. It has all the strengths and weaknesses of a stun gun, just with a highly decorative appearance that makes it a rare production.
Classification: Stun Blaster
Size: Handheld

Status: Restricted

Length: .5M

Weight: 1.3KG

Ammunition Type: "Plug N Fire" Power Cell

Ammunition Capacity: 40 Shots With Gas Canister, 60 Shots per "Plug N Fire" Power Cell

Effective Range: 110M
Not open for further replies.