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Approved Tech BTI-BR "The Corvus"

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Image Credit: http://th08.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2013/019/a/4/jakuta___perspektive_by_peterku-d5s0ti0.jpg
Intent: To make a Battle Rifle for skirmishes, and to show I can still make some tech.

Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Browncoat Arms | Cade Lee Designer

Model: BTI-BR "The Corvus"

Affiliation: Browncoat Arms

Modularity: Scope and laser sight can be added or taken off, and an adjustable stock.

Production: Mass-Produced

Material: Durasteel

Description: "The Corvus," as the BTI-BR is referred to by the engineers of the weapon, is part of a new line of blaster weapons being produced by the juggernaut of the industry. Cade Lee himself oversaw the project, hoping to come up with a weapon perfect for skirmishes and to arm the lower class with a weapon with some stopping power. Focusing on stopping power, the three burst rifle was built for simplicity. The only movable parts on it consist of changing the power cell and taking off the scope and laser sight at the bottom of the rifle. Utilizing a thin frame of durasteel in it's construction, the weight of the rifle was reduced slightly for shipping purposes, as well as for cost. This allows the rifle to be an easy purchase for any nation, or group needing a cheap and durable weapon on the fly for any encounter.

While it is cheap and durable, the weapon itself isn't of the same caliber as the other products in the Blas-Tech product line. It's not quite as tough, and can be damaged quite easily. It's range is on par with other products, and it's three shot burst is an advantage for sure. This is it's only distinctive quality, as it doesn't come with all the modularity of the other products in the Blas-Tech catalogue. It's pure intent is to be a cheap means of supplying arms, while giving a durable product with some stopping power in exchange.

Classification: Blaster Rifle/Battle Rifle

Size: Hand-held.

Status: Legal(Only to be used by those who purchase from Blas-Tech Industries)

Length: .6M

Weight: 5kg

Ammunition Type: Gas Canister in rifle, "Plug N Fire" power cells for reloads.

Ammunition Capacity: 500 Shots in Gas Canister, 150 per "Plug N Fire" power cell. With it's three shots per pull of the trigger this is realistically gives the gun fifty shots of three bursts, per reload.

Effective Range: 425M

Price Individual Rifle: 1,500 Credits. Crate(50 Rifles per crate.): 75,000 credits. Discounts available for bulk orders.
Not open for further replies.