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Approved Tech BTI-ACA / Moross Crusader Armor

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Assault Armor View #1​
Assault Armor View #2​
Marksman Armor View​
Engineer and Heavy Weapon Trooper View(Same Armor, different weapons)​

Intent: To design a unique looking armor for the different types of footsoldiers for the Moross Crusade.

Development Thread: N/A

Manufacturer: Browncoat Arms | Cade Lee Designer

Model: BTI-ACA/ Crusader Armor

Affiliation: Browncoat Arms

Modularity: Yes, depending on troop type. As well as choice to not wear helmets, or markings on the armor itself.

Production: Mass-Produced

Material: Iron-Skin Armorweave, Standard Enviromental Suit over that, Thick Plastoid Plates over the environmental suit and helmet construction.

Description: Blast-Tech Industries and Moross Shipwrights came together on their first true joint project for the crusade. Blas-Tech took the standard StormTrooper Armor, and reworked the design. Many of the key components that made that iconic armor work for so long were decided to be kept, while giving it a unique appearance to inspire fear and dread upon those who faced it. With this mission in place, they set upon the construction of a standard armor that would give a general feel for the Crusaders.

Using the Iron Skin Armor Weave as the basis for the suit, in instantly gave the soldier coverage and protection from energy weapons should the other two layers of the suit be breached. While this would be problematic on worlds with harsh conditions or zero-g combat, in normal conditions it allowed to protect the soldier wearing it. This bottom layer provided zero help against shrapnel weapons as the impacts, if they didn't tear the armorweave would just damage the tissue with impact damage severe enough to kill. The environmental suit over this was sealed all over and into the helmet to protect the wearer from the elements, but not very sturdy against blaster bolts or any damage at all. Provided some heat resistance from flame throwers due to it's design to protect against he environment and manage temperature, but even then it had it's thresholds.

The Plastoid plates and helmet were thicker than the original StormTrooper design, and squared off to cover the firing profile of the soldier. Not much of this plating was present on the back, to help lower the cost and mass produce it as cheaply as possible. The plates themselves left many weak spots on the armor to allow for flexibility. This was most prevalent on the marksman variation of the Crusader armor, so that the shooter could get into tight spaces for the perfect shot. The Assault armor was covered more so, and offered decent protection. The Engineer and Heavy weapon trooper armor was far bulkier for protection against those firing on them(and in the heavy troopers case, their own weapons blowing up.)

The Crusader armor was slightly heavier than the old StormTrooper armor, and it's segmented design left many soft spots on it. It's cheap construction, along with thick Plastoid plates made it durable, and the environmental protection and seals let it be used in any environment. The special features on the armor made it competitive with other factions standard soldier armor. Most in the Moross Crusade would customize their helmets to make them look like their gods they worshiped with simple paint to give the plated armor a horrifying visage to go alone with the distinctive black look.

Classification: Armorweave(Anti-Blaster), Environmental suit over that, Plastoid Plates(Ant-Blaster, some protection against ballistic weapons)

Weight: Assault Variation(20KG) Engineer Variation(25KG) Marksman Variation(17KG) Heavy Weapon Trooper(25KG)

Quality: 7

Other Feature(s): Audio/Visual Sensor, Comm units, Enviromental seals, Temperature control, Independent air supply,Air filters for poisonous gases Night/Heat vision. Scopes on the helmet to increase accuracy, as well as lights for when in dark areas. Primarily are armed with BTI weapons.


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Quality 7 with this kind of flexibility and utility (Being a survival suit that can see in fog, dark, and wherever else), to say nothing of the modularity of having so many variations? You've got an armor that can function virtually anywhere, beat blasters hand over fist, and it's even got climate control and it's own air supply - along with air filters.

I like this armor, but for mass production I'm going to need to see a dev thread before I can approve it. Page and a half, two pages, just to make sure you're showing your work.


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Works for me, I'd rather see the design process done ICly anyways. Thank you, I'll get started on this.
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