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Brotherly Love

Judge, Jury, and Executioner
@[member="Gilamar Skirata"] had been an alcoholic depressed wreck for nearing thirty years now. Of course, the joy of work and the constant battles had kept him on his heels, but recently he had been really down in the dumps, and it was affecting the mood of his crew, his co-workers, and especially his brother.

Davin was normally a social butterfly. In college he picked up dates like he picked up grapes and the party train didn't stop after he graduated. On the contrary, the parties got wilder and wilder and with his giant salary from MandalMotors, he could even afford his own luxury modified party cruiser. Though that one was still on his private drawing board. But latley the parties had dried up, the booze had stopped flowing, and the women...Well now he was stuck with Mandalorian women! Sure they had some pretty wild ones...Mostly Zeltron Mandalorians, but the rest...He just wasn't ready for THAT kind of relationship. So he decided that it must have been his older brother's funk that had led him to this partyless state. And what depressed Gil more than having lost his daughter? Having lost his wife. And where did single old people go when they were out of luck? The Holo-net. Specifically


He didn't know why, but the site just seemed to fit him. The front page had images of chats with exotic looking women of an older age than he would ever go for...But he had to admit...These women aged well. And so he went right to it, setting up his profile. Of course the old man didn't have any pictures of himself, well decent, non angry photos. He sighed, tossing his helmet from the terminal. Its image capturing had been terrible and all he found were pictures of him in armor. But wait...What was this? A picture of him in a sensitive moment?! Chicks dug sensitive guys! With that, he had all the things he needed to make his older brother the best online Dating profile ever.

You are A: Man
Seeking A: Woman
Species: Kiffar/Human
Age: 56
Build: Athletic
Occupation: CEO of Daw Motors
The reason he didn't put MandalMotors is because of the link they could make to his actual position...And with little to no pictures of him without his armor or helmet on, he didn't want the galaxy to know how old that menacing man in black armor actually was.

I am Looking For: A woman who will travel the stars, drink with me, and all around have a grand 'ol time.
Old people talked like that right?
I Enjoy: Starships, Swoop Racing, Limmie, and long walks through the woods, no matter the time of day!
About the most honest thing he had written in this karking description.
Tell Us About Yourself: Well, I served in the military for a little while, well more like a militia. I live real close to Wild Space, so can't be too careful. I play limmie, love the sport and help my younger brother coach the local age group team. Now I work mostly as a mechanic when I'm not signing documents and making big bucks. I leave that up to the share holders, the only reason I'm in this business is because of my love for ships and speeders. Let's see...I love to walk in the woods, there is a real nice lake near my house though I'm rarely there. I spend most of my time out on the hyperlanes, visiting new places and meeting new people. I'm just looking for someone to share this life with.

Now that that was done...He hopped he didn't get any gold diggers. Though hey, maybe even that could be good for the old cook!

Gilamar Skirata

Skirataridge Farms Remembers
Of course, when Gilamar started getting holo-mail from a site called holodatingextreme.holo he was...displeased to say the least. With a few calls and a few clicks the profile had been deleted. Who could have made this? There must have been a compromise in holo-security. A slicer maybe? Regardless, the immediate threat had passed and his identity was safe for the moment.

Or was it...?