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Approved Species Bronze Tanzy

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Shamira Karuto

Burn the past - Heal the future

Intent: To create a plant species for future submissions and roleplay
Image Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenocissus_quinquefolia
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Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenocissus_quinquefolia, https://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?kempercode=c267, https://www.starwarsrp.net/threads/caer-badru.133834/

Name: Bronze Tanzy
Kashyyyk’s forest regions
Other Locations: this vine is quite prevalent in the galaxy, being found in practically every forest and humid parts of planets throughout the galaxy. It has been planted at Caer Badru and eventually studied throughout by Shamira Karuto.
Classification: Vine
Average Growth Cycle: Grows aggressively fast on practically any surface, and is able to survive growing on rock walls with it’s extensive root system. Roots will penetrate the surface of wherever the vine is going to grow, then begins to flourish upward and outward, sprouting small flowers and leaves as it grows and matures.
Viability: This is one of the more hearty growing vines in the galaxy. Once it’s taken root on whatever surface it has been planted against, it is extremely hard to remove the entirety of the vine. It needs little to medium amounts of water, and can survive in both shaded and highly sunned regions. In terms of soil, average, dry to medium, and well-drained all provide Bronze Tanzy the ability to grow.
Description: This is a woody type of vine that can grow in practically any environment it is planted in, giving it the description of an invasive species. The vines will sprout small, four to eight inch leaves that will cover the vines from top to bottom. Green to white colored flowers will sprout along the vine’s roots in the summer months. During the fall months, the foliage along the vine will turn a beautiful scarlet red to scarlet purple.

Average Height: The vine can grow 9 to 15 meters upward along surfaces.
Average Length: Bronze Tansy can grow 1.5 meters to 3 meters in either direction from it’s original root system.
Color: During the summer months, the foliage will sprout green leaves and flowers, while in the fall, they turn scarlet red to scarlet purple.
Nutritional Value: None.
Toxicity: Small amount of toxicity from eating the vines.
Other Effects: None, other than a small discomfort from eating it’s flowers.
Distinctions: As stated before, the vine can grow in colors ranging from light green to a scarlet purple depending on the time of year and climate. However, one varietation that has been noticed in Shamira’s studies of Bronze Tanzy is the color that it turns when grown in full shade. The plant, without any sunlight whatsoever, will still grow, but it’s leaves turn a darker shade of green than it’s sun grown counterpart, and it will not have the changing of colors due to temperature and time of year. If that vine, grown completely in shade, is given sun, it still retains that darker shade of green throughout it’s lifetime.

Natural beauty: Despite it’s invasive and hard to kill nature, this vine can provide a beautiful growth to practically any home or building.
Low upkeep: This vine takes a lot to keep from growing out of control, but to start growing Bronze Tanzy very little needs to be done. It can grow in practically any environment. Little to no rain seems to only marginally hurt it’s growth time as well.

High maintenance: This vine can and will grow out of control if left unattended for long periods of time. Very little can actually kill the root system that the vine comes from after it’s taken root. It’s resistant to fire damage, cutting, and it must be completely uprooted to be killed.
Invasive species: Once this vine has taken home to any surface, there is little that can be done to remove it, and it will reproduce and grow very quickly. It can grow on practically anything. Sides of buildings, rock formations, and even durosteel have all been observed to be able to sustain a Bronze Tanzy vine.

This was one of the original species of flowers that were transported to Caer Badru during time of it’s creation, so Shamira didn’t have to go to Kashyyyk and find it herself. Originally, it was brought only to decorate the outside of the botanical laboratory, but Shamira, as curious as she is, decided to study the vine a bit closer. This was how the variant that grows only in shaded areas was discovered, as well as it’s extremely hard to kill nature.
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