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Bring Your Scarf - Tapas Training (Open to One)

Bring Your Scarf (Open to One)
Academy Rooms, Indoors.

Today a Master happened to be teaching Tapas, and a few students were lining up to learn the basics of the technique. The ability to keep your body warm in a cold environment, which to the keen observer might work to hamper the effects of cryomancy too.

Taiden had been away on one of his many errands for months, neglecting his training at the temple, in favour of his duties outside of it, which for anyone who had been here a little while, was not uncommon to see from him. Known as the eternal padawan for some, he was happy being a padawan, life was simple and he had many duties, what more could he ask for? As usual for an Echani he didn't understand the humor.

Today his duty was to train.

White as white could be, dressed in some of the most pristine looking attire this side of the rim, his boots were polished silver that glistened in the academy lighting, dancing with their own reflections off the wall and ceiling. He wore a saber as always, and the Keth ceremonial longsword across his back looked a fitting part of the outfit he wore, little seemed out of place.

The Master stood to the front of the class, and they began to line up, about five in total, it was not a big class, but big enough for what they had planned. Sealing the doors, two heaters were set on reverse to draw the heat out of the room. The temperature loss was a gradual adjustment, not a fast one, allowing people to get ready for the decline in temperature, and pause at points along the way till their technique improved to handle it. At present they were in a cold breeze.

Open to a Master or another student

Akela Ru

Most Adorable Ball of Adorable
It was a dark and stormy night, the milkmans truck went off the road outside the temple. That is why I was investigating... me the ultimate padawan of the Silver Jedi, me the Ultimate jedi of the future. Sent back in time to show how awesome I could be... because in the future there is no one else there to realize it for themselves. Akela was writing it down in her journal to add to the padawan war journal. Created by Zak Dymo and detailing the age old struggle against the naps and the veggies. All were evil, all were to blame and they would make a wall against them that the fruits were going to pay for. Make snack time great again.... Oh she saw it, there wa s asmall option to try out for another class and she was going now. To go and learn some powers to continue to add to her awesome skills.

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