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Approved Tech Brel-type, Light Particle Shield

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Fiolette Fortan



  • Intent: To create a light starship shield.

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Model: VS-LPS-B2 “Brel”

  • Affiliation: Primo Victorian Shipwright | Closed-Market [Contract Thread Required]

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Mass Production

  • Material:

    Particle Field Generator

  • Focusing Lens

  • Subprocessor Unit

  • EPS Conduit

  • Rerouting Lattice

  • Plasma Compressor

  • Emitter Array


  • Regenerates itself overtime

  • Lowered shield capacity

  • Allows for bleed through damage

  • Allows for projectiles/hypervelocity to be fired without lowering the shield completely.

  • Regenerative: Works to regenerate itself every six to ten seconds.

  • Projectiles: Allows the firing of projectile based weapons such as mass drivers, hypervelocity cannons, or ferromagnetic railguns/solid slug based railguns.

  • Bleed through: The Brel-type shield allows for some damage to get through and make contact with the hull. Energy damage tends to be the wreckoning for the Brel, as it is unable to prevent all of a single turbolaser shot from getting through. Much like water in a leaky cup, the energy will still get through.

  • Ion/EMP: Already vulnerable to energy weapons, ion and emp based weapons will be more effective in bringing down the Brel.

  • Overload: The Brel can become overloaded by overwhelming firepower resulting in shields becoming inoperable.

  • Projectiles: This is two-fold and allows the vessel/station to become vulnerable to projectiles/hypervelocity cannons/ferromagnetic railguns/solid slug based railguns.

  • Decaying Rate: Regenerates a percentage of the shield lost, however; if hit multiple times it resets this process thus has a decaying rate of return in terms of regenerative abilities.
The Brel was developed with the Mogh, and designed to allow the Mogh and other hypervelocity cannons like it to fire without lowering the shield completely. Instead, the particle generator can be turned off allowing the ship or station to fire without risking complete exposure to all weapon types. In addition, the Brel-type shield regenerates every six to ten seconds.

The regenerative aspect of the Brel comes from the sub-processing unit, the EPS Conduit, rerouting lattice and the particle field generator. Creating its own particle field with both the EPS conduit and the rerouting lattice working to move part of the particle field into the sub-processing unit with the plasma compressor and emitter array working to take those and regenerate the shield as a whole.

When online, the shield is deal for stopping projectiles and more poignantly fast moving hypervelocity rounds. While it does not stop them outright, the shield will absorb most of the impact with its particle generator. Anything left over can and will impact the ship, however; due to the specific nature of the shield energy weapons have an easier time bleeding through and making contact with the hull. Additionally, the shield’s maximum capacity to absorb damage is lower than most standard deflector shield and can be easily overwhelmed. The Brel regenerates a percentage of shield lost, however; being hit multiple times resets this process and prevents it from regenerating sufficiently. Thus as aforementioned, it is prone to becoming overwhelmed if taken out of battle the shield can then properly regenerate and after a full minute-two will have regenerated itself to full. When in combat the shield begins to 'work' just as soon as it is hit, working to bring back a percentage of the shields back up until it reaches full. Again, if it is hit multiple times - it will have trouble keeping up most especially if it is hit repeatedly by energy-based weapons such as turbolasers.

It is recommended to install a standard deflector shield and to use the Brel as a backup shield.

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
Fiolette Yvarro said:
Regenerative: Works to regenerate itself every six to ten seconds.

Could you please detail in the description more by "works". How much is it working? How much is it recharging? Does getting hit again stop this effect?

Fiolette Fortan

[member="Alric Kuhn"]

Updated description to include the information as well as updated weaknesses to reflect this.
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