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Braddus Ironroar - The Butcher's Boy

Zahori Denko
Name: Braddus Ironroar
Faction: The Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Acolyte
Species: Null

Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height: 2.85 m
Weight: 240 kg

Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: White
Force Sensitive: Yes

  • Powerfully built and imposing size
  • Skilled hunter

  • A little too big
  • Tech challenged


Born the son of a Butcher and a mother too weak to handle his birth, Braddus was raised to value strength and honor above all else. From the time he could walk, he held a sword in his hand and learned to hunt animals of the wilderness around his home. At a young age, a raid on his home took his father's life. Those responsible were hunted down by Braddus until the man at the head of it all was left. This man was a knight of the Sith Empire. Braddus showed him no mercy and, in his final act of vengeance, was given a chance to grow stronger as the fallen knight's master took him into the Sith Empire. Now, as a budding warrior for the Sith, Braddus grows exponentially stronger as time goes by.