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Bounty~Unknown Assailant~Wanted for Murder

Name of Bounty: [member="Veryiana Greivex"]
Name of Contractor: Count Adron Malvern
Bounty Price: Maximum Bounty- 500,000Cr

Alive, Sedated, and restrained- 500,000Cr
Alive, Comatose or Near-death- 300,000Cr
Dead, Identifiable- 150,000Cr
Information leading to arrest or identity: 20,000Cr per piece of pertinent information.

Additional Info: Assailant wanted for the murder of Count Borgin of Serenno. Female type cyborg with Force User capabilities, extremely dangerous and skilled Assassin with advanced robotic appendages. Known to use a light whips, knives, and Force abilities. Suspected to be hiding out on Geonosis.

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