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Bounty on the Undead Beings Posted

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Your datapad screen flickers before the familiar image of heavily armored Dark Templar appears on it, he nods to the camera, initiating a greeting
"Greetings, Hunters,"
And looks down to his datapad, quick to begin reading the announcement
"Omega Protectorate has posted a bounty on the Undead being who have lately began to appear throughout the Galaxy. The Protectorate feels that to be a perfect initiative for our Hunters to aid in eradication of those aberrant beings and stopping their spread. The bounty sets a price of 35 credits per head of disabled zombie, which can accumulate to high numbers, considering the numbers in which the undead appear in. The only condition of the bounty is that the zombies are completely disabled, which can be much harder than it seems, it usually involved all limbs of the Undead being cut off from their body. The Undead have first appeared on Dagobah, black tar has been known to mark their presence, the tar seems to have a degree of sentience, and appears to be the source of infections in new Undead. Repeaters, slughthrowers, flamethrowers, and cutting melee weaponry are advised."
The Guildmaster looked up from the datapad into the camera
"I encourage our Hunters to take up this bounty and take part in Galactic history as forces that kept this perversion of nature from consuming our entire Galaxy. However...