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Bounty on John Doe - Live on Nar Shaddaa now

On any bounty terminal on the smuggler moon a short message would pop up, as well as a picture and a nav point:

"[member="John Doe"] - Wannabe Crime Lord and fool, hunted by decree of the Prophet for murder and general disrespect. Bring a gas mask."

Dead - 200000 Credits, 3 force Imbued Items, a favor
Alive and heavily injured or crippled - 100000 Credits, 2 Force Imbued Items
Alive and healthy - 100000 Credits, 1 Force Imbued Item

Additionally - 5000 Credits for each dead henchmen, 1 force imbued Item for 10 dead henchmen


Never Underestimate a Good Bottle of Whiskey
Me and two other people may want to start a thread with this, would you be interested in threading with us [member="Darth Abyss"]?

[member="Joran Del-Finn"]


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