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Bounty on Hutt Crime Lord Excon Collected

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Your screen flickers before coming on, it showed the familiar black-armored being, this time he was laughing, turned sideways as the recording came on while apparently he was finishing his story.
"And then I said- 'No, yours looks like a tumbleweed.'"
A voice off-screen muttered out "We're live." and the armored being turned to the camera, regaining his stoic seriousness.
"Greetings, Hunters, during the latest battle to usurp the current leadership of Hutt Cartel, the leader of Hutt Rebels, Excon Desilijic Tiure, was killed during the space combat over Nal Hutta. The bounty for him was claimed by young up-and-coming bounty hunter known as the Green Fox. The Fox collected a hefty sum of 100,000 credits for his kill, largest bounty offered to the Guild so far."
The Dark Templar looked up, looking into the camera from beneath his full-covering mask.
"Congratulations, young Hunter, and may Fortune keep smiling on you in your future hunts."
The Templar then nodded to the camera, signalling he was concluding
"That is all."
The transmission then flickered and went off.