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Bounty on Dreadpirate RC 212 Increased, and the Bounty on Bando Gora

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Your screen flickered, on the channel came up the image of a dark-armored being, you recognized him as the Dark Templar, the Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, he nodded to the camera, looking down onto his datapad to start reciting news
"Greetings, Hunters, the Hutts have recently increased the bounty they had placed on the Dreadpirate Captain RC 212 from 20 thousand credits to 30 thousand credits. The initial bounty was placed for the aid the Dreadpirate granted to recently deceased Hutt Rebel known as 'Excon', the reasons for this increase in bounty is unknown."
The Templar slightly glanced up to the camera
"Perhaps they are growing impatient."
He commented, looking down to his datapad to continue
"In other news, the Omega Pyre has issued multiple bounties on the sect known as Bando Gora. The Bando Gora has been sending their warriors known as Reavers to assault colonies and convoys in the Omega Pyre space, they are responsible for many brutal acts of raiding and slaver. The current bounties on the Bando Gora members range from as low as 500 credits to as high as 100 thousand credits, please check the Bounty Offices for the detailed list of bounties. If you wish to join this hunt, official Guild hunt teams have begun forming, please contact the Guildmaster's office to be assigned to one of those teams, sufficient training and...