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Bounty on Dreadpirate RC 212 Collected

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
The screen flickers before the familiar shape in black armor pops up on the screen. The members of the faction can identify him as The Dark Templar, enigmatic Guildmaster of the Guild of Bounty Hunters. He clears his threat promptly before beginning to recite from a datapad he had laying in front of himself.

"Bounty on the Dreadpirate Lord of the Deathwatch, RC 212 has been collected by Bounty Hunter of the Omega Pyre, Sergeant Major HK-36. RC has been captured on the starport of Abgregado-Rae, Omega Pyre territory, durring what is described as act of terrorism and piracy. Shortly after Sergeant Major 36 collected bounty from the Omega Pyre representatives."

Dark then looked at the camera with his featureless full helmet, giving a nod to signal the end of his message.
"That is all."