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Bounty on Circe Savan Collected and New Bounty Posted on Dreadpirate RC 212

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Your datapad screen flickers before the familiar image of the Guildmaster clad in heavy black armor shows up, he nods to the camera, showing that he is about to begin transmission of the Guild's latest news
"Greetings, Hunters"
He starts, looking down at a datapad in front of him to begin reciting
"The infamous mass murderer, Circe Savan, has been lately terminated and her bounty delivered to the Omega Pyre. To remind, miss Savan occupied seat in the Council of Confederacy of Independent Starsystems, and she most infamously she was responsible for the Ewok genocide on Endor, where she hired the remnants of Deathwatch, led by Dreadpirate RC 212, to murder, and skin, scores of innocent Ewoks in order to use their pelts in creating plush toys for children to sell."
The Guildmaster glanced up for a second
"She had it coming, if you ask me. Speaking of had it coming, I did not see this coming. The person who collected the bounty on miss Savan was not a member of the Guild, in fact, it was not a bounty hunter at all. Miss Savan was killed by her wife in their own home, when she supposedly tried to inform her wife that she will be canceling their marriage and running off with a new lover, Jak Sandrow, as the Omega Forces inform us. As a response to the news, miss Savan's wife stabbed her repeatedly, supposedly after miss Savan tried to fake a...