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Bounty Listings and Quest Board


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Lists of bounties further broadcasted or issued by the Sparklords that could need special attention or would be beneficial to Metal Lords and their crew.

  • Bounty Hunt Of The Year- a list of bounties for various dangerous creatures, a good source of quick credits to new Metal Lords who are just expanding their Kingdoms

Quests- IC objectives to fulfill during a thread and receive a reward of a specific tech, droid or drone companion, or ship for your Lord character.

  • Extermination on Mechanus- Help out Sparklords maintain the Hidden Citadel by venturing into its bowels where an infestation of Ghablaresh Fungi begun to cause issues, you need to cleanse these vile beings to stop their path of havoc, in return the Sparklords will grant you sponsorship in creation of a unique vessel or deal of companionship with a unique droid or drone.
  • Relic Hunting- Rumors among Metal Lords speak of a powerful droid relic being left around on Old Mechanus when the machines left the planet, follow these rumors into the depths of ruined planet and retrieve, the Sparklords will teach you in return how to utilize this artifact and it will be yours to keep.
  • Counter-Raiding- Pirates have been causing trouble on nearby hyperlanes, fearing that their presence will attract too much attention or steer merchants away from trading with the Metal Lord representatives you have been hired by the Sparklord Council to take a small fleet and ambush the pirates in their base. In return you will be allowed to keep any loot and ships you will capture, with the Sparklords lending resources to repair and upgrade one ship of your choice.
  • Keeping The Silence- A Metal Lord has gone rogue but his whereabouts are being tracked by a special agent within his midst still loyal to the Sparklords and the Code. You have been tasked with tracking the hostile droid down before he will reveal the Metal Lord secret and endanger rest of the machines, deactivate him and disband his forces, in return the agent will be allowed to join your kingdom instead.

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