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Bounties on Dreadpirates RC 212 and General Kirill Bratan Collected

The Dark Templar

The Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunters Guild (Lawfu
Your screen flickered, on came the familiar dark armored shape of the Guildmaster Dark Templar, the armored being nodded, looking down in his full suit of black armor to start reading off of a datapad in front of him.
"Greetings, Hunters, today I bring you special news of capture of two large bounties, the Dreadpirate Captain RC 212 and his second-in-command General Kirill Bratan. This both marked the completion of the contract given to us by the Hutt Cartel at the end of the Hutt Civil War, and a second capture of Captain RC 212 for bounty. This time RC and Kirill have been apprehended during the signing of Articles of CIS. RC's loyalty, honor, and crimes have been put into question, he has been offered a trial together with his General Bratan. However, General Bratan has pulled a fast one and threw multiple thermal grenades at the audience. He was quickly apprehended during his escape by yours truly, and shot in the head."
Templar looked up for a brief moment as he read off the last part about shooting Bratan in the head.
"RC has tried to escape soon after and I have chased him until he has ran into dead end. He surrendered then and I have turned both him and Bratan for bounty to the Hutts. Together, I have collected 60 thousand credits for their apprehension, the Hutts have given a bonus, satisfied with the quality of our service."
The Templar looked up into the camera...