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Border Crossing

Marik Baldear

(Centares. Along the Perlamin Trade Route)
(The city of Muracie, out side the space port)

the city was a bustling metropolis. people hurried back and forth from work and the many caf and refreshment shops that lined the street out side the space port.

the Sith Empire held its provinces with an iron grip. travel between imperial world was simple enough but leaving Sith space was not as essay as it one had been. all travellers had their passport checked and a thorough background search had to be done before clearing an individual had a good reason to go the republic.

3 weeks ago an old man had walked up to @[member="Arumi Zy"] and told him he had dropped a small holadisc.
when playing the disc, the image of a man in military uniform appeared. his face could instantly be recognised as one of the War Lords of the "Imperium traitors" who the news had clammed had been killed in the "liberation of Bastion".

the recording started and the hologram started to address Arumi.
"greetings Lord Zy. my name is General Marik Baldear.
it has my attention you seek safe passage out of sith space. i believe we could benefit each other, we have the resources to get you into the republic, and avoid any imperial entanglements. all we ask is your support to our cause" the hologram stopped clearly to give enough time for the information to sink in. the man didnt give any indication of what cause he was talking about, according to the news, general Baldear had been part of the fallen Imperium. after a few secons it continued "if you wish free passage, we will meet you on the planate Centares in 3 weeks. wait for my associate at the caf shop named 'Refine And Refresh'. the table in the back left corner will have a reserved sign on it, sit there and wait to be contacted." the hologram nodded and then saluted "good day mr Zy, i hope to speak to you in person very soon" the recording ended with a flash.

the caff shop oped up to the street opposite to the space port. the outdoors sitting area was moderately busy and the table in the back corner was a reserved sigh sitting on it.