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Bogged down

After the 'rebellion' a group of people loyal to the counselors broke off and fled to the swamps of imahalyan, though no one paid any mind it just meant they were finally out of everyones hair and no one had to worry even a little.

However, recently stardust had received some disturbing news...the loyalist group had started smuggling weapons and gearing up for something...a attack on her crown no doubt....or something more

In any case stardust contacted her...well she didn't know what to call him...friend say the least [member="Bartic Myth'rand"] as she knew he might be able to help her out, she told him to meet her at her home so she could explain what was going on
Bartic had been pulled away from his mountain of work yet again by [member="Stardust Raxis"], this was starting to become a regular thing, but he wasn't going to complain, fieldwork would be good for him, or at the very least a break. The content of her message was fairly sparse but it did mention the counsel traitors and she invited him back to her home in order to fill him in on the details, clearly this group was a big enough threat to not trust whatever she had to tell him to a transmission. He quickly gathered his combat gear, stowed it in a case to take with him, and put Talon Company on red alert, all 250 ready to deploy on his order, although it was likely that he wouldn't need any more than his personal squad if at all.

From message to door took a grand total of 25 standard minutes, Bartic pressed to buzzer to alert Stardust, or her staff, that he had arrived.
Stardust greated him at the door, she gave a small smile as she waved for him to enter

so glad you could arrive bartic, please enter

She said and let him fully in before she closed her door and guided him to the table as she sat down and sighed as she looked at him

a matter of great concern has reached any I told you loyalist to the council have made themselves known, however i didn't wanna say much over the net...weve got confirmed reports that they are amassing weapons and...we think biological weapons. I figured me and you can head there and root these traitors out...amd give them a speedy trial by death

She said and say nack as she pulled a tea cup to her and sip the tea as she relaxed

any questions

[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]
Bartic followed [member="Stardust Raxis"] and sat down, setting down the case containing his gear and listened, analysing every detail.

​"Biological agents, that it concerning, very concerning, well we can't ignore something like that."

Bio-attacks were always a sensitive thing, you could kill your target easy enough sure but you could just as easily kill your self, or your allies, or civilians. Something about this seemed off to Bartic, a bomb would do just as much damage and had no chance of killing one's own.

"One thing farther, I suspect that this may be a trap, bio-weapons are a very difficult weapon to control, but very easy to use to provoke a reaction with. While I do agree that something must be done, I need to advice extreme caution, far beyond what normally would be taken in this scenario. Nevertheless I am ready to help however you need. What do you propose? Fast and loud, or slow and silent?"
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

Stardust tapped a finger on her forehead in thought, he was right this could be a trap to lure her in then spring it upon her. She sat back as she then spoke

bartic you have a idea of what may happen, I'm thinking this one we need to be careful as you said.

She went back to thinkong as she smiled and stood going to get a outfit, she brought it out and showed him it. The outfit is what tusken women wore...enough to hide stars lekku

I don't suppose sneaking in would be a bad option no? A husband and his tusken wife simply visiting the planet and its swamps?

It sounded good to her...but she would wait to here what he had to say
"That could work, unfortunately, I don't have anything quite so subtle."

Bartic picked the case up and opened it, he pulled a wide-brimmed hat off the top, revealing a very durable set of armour underneath, the kind of thing someone would wear if they were expecting to head into rough territory, underneath sat a shotgun, old school and looking good for hunting, and at the very bottom a cloak, ready to protect from any rains or dust.

"Although" Bartic started to speak with a drawl "I do however know how to play quite the mean bounty hunter."

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

She nodded as She thought for a moment and gave a smile to herself as she chuckled

a bounty hunter and his slave then, what better place to hide such and uh get new jobs for a bounty hunter right

She said as she looked over at him this plan coming together oh so perfectly
"If that's how you want to play this then I'm ready to go, do you have somewhere you'd like me to change or are you ok with me doing it right here?"

Bartender continued to pick through his mind for any sort of detail he had been given that might help him out, but nothing new came to mind, he had a very basic knowledge of the planet's geography, although not well enough to think of the more strategic area's for bases.

"It's a little embarrassing as an intelligence officer but I don't know much about the consullist forces."

[member="Stardust Raxis"]
[member="Bartic Myth'rand"]

She looked to him when he asked then spoke pointing over to the guest room

the room over there, I have yo get dressed myself, I'll have a ship come and pick us up we'll take your ship over to the swamps

She then listened again as she looked away and chuckled

They just kinda sprang up, it's kinda scary really. But we will prevail

She said determined
"Of course we will, we can't afford any other result." Bartic said as he slipped off to go change.

He donned he gear quickly and had a quick though. He wondered why was he doing this, he didn't ask, nor was it implied that he was going to get anything in return, currying good favour with his potential wife was always good though. He suppressed a small laugh as he remembered a joke, perhaps as old as the galaxy 'Happy wife, happy life.'

Bartic exited, now geared up, and said in his fake drawl, "Let's go darlin'."

[member="Stardust Raxis"]

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