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Boco The Hutt


[SIZE=23.636363983154297px]Boco Veruka-Deritic[/SIZE]

NAME: Boco Veruka-Deritic
FACTION: Hutt Cartel
RANK: Politician, Partner.
AGE: 150 years old
SEX: Believed to be female, but unknown.
HEIGHT: 6'10"
WEIGHT: around 600 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: None
SKIN: Blue and white with blue and yellow tattoos

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

Equal Opportunity Hater: Her hatred of force users is equal to the jedi and sith, although she seems to like dark and rogue jedi.. due to her past she hates Jedi and Sith with a glorified passion.

Loyalty: Her Loyalty to the Cartel is unwavering, she loves her own faction and will do anything to help the growth of the Hutt Cartel.


Pessimistic: Boco always believes the worst will come to fruition if the jedi and sith remain in the galaxy, she will always think the darkness in the galaxy is because of the corruption of both the jedi and sith

Anti-Human: Due to her own views of wars Boco has a strong belief that humans should be wiped off the face of the galaxy and will do anything she can to make them feel they are not wanted anywhere near her.


Boco is a young, Authoritarian Politician from Nal hutta that stands almost 7 feet tall, her weight is barely over 600lbs and she is naturally dark blue and offwhite in color, she has blue and yellow tattoos over her body and wears feathers attached to her dome.


In Boco's youth she had a strong bond with her mother, she would always travel with her mother and would always enjoy it.. during a trip to alderaan her mother was killed by a force user, the force user had the armor of the republic but had a crimson blade that she used... the assailant was never caught and she never got her chance to have the culprit locked up or killed for killing her mother.

As she grew she started to feel hatred for jedi and sith, she always remembered the day her mother died and the fact they werent doing anything other than trying to meet with an alderaanian noble about establishing a trade embargo, this is what lead to not only her hatred for humans but also her hatred for jedi and sith.

As Boco grew and began to mature without her mother she made a friend in another hutt that gave her her fighting chance to delve her mind into politics, this friend soon became a close friend and ally.. his name was @[member="Popo"], as the days pressed on she shared her dreams of eliminating both the jedi and sith of the galaxy and her dreams of enslaving the whole human race...

As she grew so did her authoritarian views and her anti-human sentiments, she dreamed big and delved into military politics to one day control a large government and have it help with her dream of having every human in the galaxy in death camps and/or enlsaved.
On Nall hutta she paid some hard earned money for a death camp to be built and in it a furnace where she would burn humans alive, the death camps were set up to have absolutely no food stock for the prisoners and to be intensive slave labor camps where weapons, armor and supplies would be manufactured for the elite militant forces of the hutt cartel.

As time pressed on the camp was never used but remained until humans coud be captured and placed in it to work for their rights to eat and live, the whole premise of the labor death camps were they would be fed once a month and be forced to work round the clock with little sleep to earn their rights to live on.

As Boco slowly gained support from the cartel she delved more into politics and started to amass a small fortune from her own illegal business that were never revealed or known, this was all to keep her money coming in, and to keep her from ever needing to live in squalor.. years of hard work has made Boco a very wealthy Hutt.

(To be continued)


She owns a luxary yacht that is piloted by an enslaved female alderaanian.

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