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Approved Tech Boba Fett's Armor

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Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
Boba Fett's Armor

OOC Info
Intent: To introduce the canon armor of Boba Fett into the Chaos RP universe.
Image Source: X & Star Wars the original trilogy
Canon Link: Boba Fett
Restricted Missions: Cities Made of Glass
Primary Source: Boba Fett

Armor Info
Manufacturer: Mandalorian Smiths
Model: NA
Affiliation: Vilaz Munin, the Mando'ade
Modularity: Different gear and loadouts
Production: Unique
Material: Durasteel

Technical Specs
Classification: Mandalorian Armor
Weight: 11KG
Class 7 (Blasters, slug throwers, and blades.)
Class 2 (Lightsabers)

Special Features
Psychic Energy: While Boba Fett was in no way a force sensitive individual, his armor has been idolized and has existed for hundreds of years. It's seen many battles and all that history can be sensed by this by force sensitives.

Historical Value: Easily one of the most historically famous items in galactic history and Mandalorian culture this armor throws around a lot of weight with its presence.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Sturdy: As far as basic armor goes, this is quality armor. It will do its job well when defending you against most of what the Galaxy has to throw at you.

Gadgeteer: Boba Fett was all about the gadgets coupled with his raw skill. So the armor comes with quite the plethora of gadgets and gear to help any bounty hunter out in a tight spot.

Durasteel: While Durasteel is a tough metal it's not lightsaber resistant at all. You'd be lucky if this armor can hold up even against a glancing strike against the plasma based blade.

Ion/EMP: While there are some gadgets on the armor to help protect against EMPs, if ion blasts or a form of EMP hits successfully the gadgets on this armor are fried and done for.


Power pack
Digital life support system

Electrobinoculars & Rangefinder
Multi-Frequency target and acquisition system & Multi-Spectral target assessor
Sonic dampener & Annunciator
Broadband antenna & Comm link
Combat sensor
Sensor mapper
Life form scanner

•Two mounted weapons of choice. (One for each hand)
Dur-24 wrist laser, ZX Miniature flame projector, MM9 Rocket system,

Magno grip boots
Grav boots

Combat Harness/Utility Belt (Optional)
•Grenade hooks (6)
•Ammunition pouches (4)
•Flares (3)
•Grappling hook/high tension wire
Combat de-ionizer & Blast energy sink
Anti-security blade, EMP disruptor, Field disruptor overloader
Personal energy shield

The most identifiable and famous armor to ever exist within the Galaxy, the armor of Boba Fett is a true relic and legend that continues to exist long after the death of one of the Mandalorian's greatest leaders. The armor of the late and great bounty hunter is testament to the sheer force of will and audacity that Mandalorians carry with them into battle. From its many battle scars to its purely iconic look, this piece of armor has withstood the test of time and is now ready to integrate into our modern world.

Strengths. As far as physical protection goes, this armor does its job well. Blades, blasters, and Slugthrowers have all hit this armor and it's still here. It holds up to a decent extend and while you won't be walking away from blasts from heavy weapons and cannons, but when it comes to the world of small arms you should be alright. Though this isn't all the armor has to offer. Being that Boba Fett was a very heavy user of gadgets and equipment, this armor has been outfitted with a very wide variety of gizmos and gadgets to help you overcome the stickiest of situations. It's where the primary strength of this armor lays in its ability to have something for almost any situation. Couple that with raw skill and an iron will and that's the formula for one amazing warrior. But the armor does go deeper than just the physical aspects of it. As a piece of history that has seen countless battles, the armor is positively soaked with psychic energy. Now this can't be harnessed or used to fight your enemies, but it can be used to help get a glimpse into events long past if you are a force user.

Weaknesses. Durasteel is not a lightsaber resistant metal, so while it can hold up against weapons such your basic small arms gallery, it's not standing up against lightsabers or high velocity large caliber kinetic weaponry. That and weapons that are all about blunt force trauma. Boba Fett's armor may be a well put together piece of equipment but it's not going to save you from ferocious weapons such as those. So just be mindful of them along with Ion/EMP based weapons that might fry your gadgets and guns.

Summary. If you're walking into the room wearing this then people know you mean business. Go and challenge for the title of Mand'alor. Be the galaxy's best bounty hunter. Do all these things or at least look while you fail at it. Either way, it's a great piece of history for anyone to own.

Technology Modifications:

Alric Kuhn

Handsome K'lor'slug
[member="Miss Blonde"]

This has a lot of gadgets, but its still pretty balanced and you have the canon requirement so...

Approved Pending Secondary.

[member="Jamie Pyne"], @Razuzle, [member="Cira"]
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