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Character Information

Name - Blurose Bonher

Alias - Rose

Species - Human

Gender - Female

Age - 21

Home World - Tatooine

Character -

Personality - Polite, attitude ( don't screw with me) hold feelings in, multiple personality Snuggly Wuggly sweet heart angel

Strengths - give people a second chance, good with light saber, jedi mind trick

Weaknesses - bad social skills, bad at getting feelings out

Appearance - Blonde hair with blue highlights long straight hair pierced lip and nose sleeve tattoo with blue roses infinity symbols and cats.

Height - 5'5"

Weight - 115

Physical build - strength in arms and very curvy

Clothing - Tank tops (bright colors), capris, and Heelys

The History -

Bio - Blurose was born and raised on Tatooine. She lived with her mom, dad big brother, and her triplet sisters. She was returning from bowling with her friends one day and when she got to her house she saw it was destroyed. She thought she saw every member of her family dead (one of her sisters wasn't there). She was 12 years old when this happened. In the distance she saw a dark shadow go onto a tie-fighter type ship. Then a Jedi named Teela Cevva came and took her on her ship the Mangler. The women seemed to be in her mid 30s. She took Blurose under her wing and learned Blurose could use the force a little bit, Learned that Blurose could use the light saber fantastically and use the jedi mind tricks. Teela was a part of the Dominion but Blurose did not know of her affiliation with them. Teela's ship was shot down and she stuffed Blurose into an escape pod sending her down to Gravlex Med. There she was captured by some cultists and held captive to be used in one of their rituals. Before this ritual could take place she was rescued by the Dominion.

Faction -


Branch - Jedi

Rank - Padawan

Force sensitive - Yes

Force powers - Jedi mind tricks persuade

Form - Jar'Kai

Misc -

Weapon - two light sabers

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