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Blue Fold - Classified

Kreegan Vesh

Samurai Cat
Blue Fold - Classified.
Clearance level Gold 6 Required.

Blue Fold's parameters:

Intelligence Gathering - Keeping aware of enemy movements and potential threats to republic borders.
Counter Intelligence - Stopping Assassinations, Threats before they happen, Defending republic interests, finding and neutralising double agents.
Republic Interests. - Assessing possible civilian allies, possible threats to trade, commerce, political stability and members of the republic themselves. Pirate and Terrorist groups would also fall under their mandate.

Blue Fold Strength:
15 Agents - 5 in Training.

Due to its classification level this intelligence division is only known to admirals, generals and up. You might hear rumours if you serve long enough, but otherwise its primary purpose is to stay unknown, and untracked. It uses minor company fronts, business accounts, and largely civilian traffic to hide its movements and members. Sometimes members will be placed within infantry units, or onboard ships if required. Each member undergoes intensive training to resist memory recall, even at the cost of their own minds if need be.

Any NPC, or PC in this unit will be in deep cover, using codewords to send messages, the code itself needs to be decoded three times just by the agent to understand it, let along anyone who just happened to intercept a completely mundane civilian message. In essence its cloak and dagger, black ops, who you send when nobody else fits, and if you're here your primary goal is to avoid detection and capture.

OOC - you have to be able to work with your IC enemies to be in this unit :). That means friendly pm's and not disrupting what plots they are running beyond what's agreed, it's to add tension to their threads, and work with them for fun.

Kreegan Vesh

Samurai Cat
Reserved for Commanders PC's and NPC's​

Want to be in charge behind the scenes? Suit your character type? Senator, Politician, General or Admiral? Apply here :D Though remember, OOC friendly natured people only please, because threads will rely on other factions to work.