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  • NAME: Amaul Jaris
  • ALIAS: Blitz
  • FACTION: Black Sun
  • RANK:
  • SPECIES: 2nd Generation Epicanthix/Chalactan
  • AGE: Mid thirties
  • GENDER: Male
  • HEIGHT: 5'9"
  • WEIGHT: 158 lbs [≈ Adult human].
  • EYES: Emerald Green
  • HAIR: Black Afro
  • SKIN: Brown
  • LANGUAGES: Basic, Epicant, Huttese, and Durese
  • PET: Beek-Monkey named Krieg


  • + Highly Strategic - A man who thinks ten moves ahead of his opponents to obtain the greater advantage. He is also no stranger to Sabaac.
  • + Ruthless efficiency - Blitz is a strong judge of intelligence and determination. He will not abide weak minds, or laziness. He will not hesitate to 'cut the fat' as it were to gain the upper-hand.
  • +/- Uncompromising brutality - In a situation of violence, Blitz is not subtle, but severely offensive. There is no off switch however, despite his fighting abilities, his aggression can linger and cause more harm than good.
  • +/- Cross-species physiology - A mix between Epicanthix and Chalactan blood affords him a inherent sensitivity to the force, and a longer than average life-span. On the negative side, the Epicanthix in him thwarts his Chalactan heritage from any telepathic communication or resonance. His mind is his own, but it is also shut off to the Galaxy. Not even the Force can reverse this downfall.
  • - Control issues - Blitz strives for control at all times, and when he is no longer able to control the situation, his mood will sour and violence normally commences.
  • - Addiction - Thanks to times when he found himself unable to coerce the situation, Blitz has turned to spice and drugs of various kinds to soothe his rage, and has created a dependent relationship with substance abuse.

FORCE AFFINITY: Amaul isn't entirely aware of his sensitivity to the Force as his means of tapping into it's power and clarity has only manifested when the man is in the throws of mind-altering drugs. Normally these times are also accompanied by hallucinations and a warped sense of perception. When mostly sober he has not shown any semblance of a link to the Force. He believes that these times are directly related to the drugs themselves, and are therefore simply giving him an enlightened understanding while his brain is able to see through the fog of reality.

SHIP: Starlight-class light freighter Deathstick


PERSONALITY: Intimidation and fear are the currency of the time, and two emotions that pay high dividends. Blitz is a man of purpose and pleasure - but of an equally cunning mind. His guiding star is what's of use, and if something lacks benefit, it is removed with prejudice. Those that stay on his amicable side are respected for what they can bring to the table, and that their ideals line up with his end-game. He often-times seems completely relaxed, and yet that will be simply a ruse and facade to hide boiling rage which he could unleash at a moment's notice. Blitz is also a man of low-fashion, as he doesn't seem to be coming from any wealth, but feels far more comfortable in his eclectic blend of clothing and tech accessories. Among those he might call associates, he has a single friend - a highly irritable monkey of which he shares an alias.

BIOGRAPHY: The unwitting victim of an unfortunate circumstance, Amaul grew up too fast. Burdened with shouldering the responsibility of his younger siblings as their parents' service to the Republic ended their lives. Their father died in battle during a campaign in the mid-rim - while their mother dealt with her grief with a short drop and sudden stop. Guardianship was a laughable state as their Uncle decided his monthly stipend would be better served to push his product in the Kastalor sector on Chalacta. Within seeming minutes of arriving in that man's 'protection' Amaul had to find employment to compensate for the allotment of credits going to a small-time trafficking business. As a result of this blatant disregard for his kin, resentment brooded and kept growing like a festering cancer.

Between the remedial education system, two younger siblings, and a full work-load; the boy had lost all presence of mind of the child he once was, and was now a very young man doing the work and carrying a burden he was never meant for. His sister and brother formed a tight-knit bond with their elder brother, being the only influence of support he had in his life. To say that his life was daunting for a number of years was an understatement. Fighting back also seemed to do no good, as when he felt that his voice should be heard, his Uncle showed him that bruises spoke louder. And yet for all the abysmal treatment that he received from his Uncle, Amaul learned some key traits along the way that led to the formation of a personality that would shape his very core.

Factory work didn't pay much, and every credit went to the feeding and well-being of his family with the exclusion of his Uncle. Sacrifices were made including long nights, poor grades, and often-times going without to get by. However, despite the hardships and problems some very useful skills were being learned, and his mind was being opened to this black-market business this his Uncle was running. Strategy was a key element, as was the ability to read people on-sight and understand motivation and behavioral ticks. The harsh and cruel climate of his formative years remained a constant until he finally graduated a full year and a half late. In eight years he'd never taken a day off, and after his graduation Amaul had decided to celebrate on the behest of his siblings. Going to that three-day retreat was the mistake that he still wishes he could take back.

Three days later Amaul returned to a very different household that he no longer recognized. Two very important things were missing from the equation - that of his brother and sister. His Uncle was still there, and he seemed to have gotten himself out of a large debt. When he found out that it was at the price of his own kin being sold into slavery and shipped off-world the lights of reason went out, and rage entered. The fight was far bloodier than any previous one, and the Uncle had learned that he was indeed a threat despite putting him down again. Kicked out of his Uncle's place immediately and banned from returning Amaul left the planet in search of his brother and sister, unfortunately his Uncle had been less than forthcoming with who he sold them to.

Thirteen years later, Amaul was a far cry from what he had once been, and many things in that time had changed him into an individual who had become a deeply disturbed and dark. Among those many incidents, finding his brother and sister ranked among the more prominent motivators in his new life, especially after having to bury both due to the horrific events since their enslavement. Each sibling no more than twenty winters old and laid six feet [≈ average height of a human] under. His support structure was gone, and his life as Amaul Jaris was over. A new player emerged from the depths of ruin, and began to shape something that would bring the revenge that he had plotted for two decades.

Several months went by and Amaul's Uncle took an appointment with a new mover and shaker of product that might expand his operation that he stayed relatively steady since his Nephew's forced retirement from the homestead. What he didn't understand is that things had come full circle. His nephew, (now under the name Blitz) played him like a cheap fiddle and took his meager little empire right out from under him. The last thing his Uncle saw was all his confederates, accounts, contacts, and product change hands into the tactical mastermind that Blitz had become. It was the last thing he saw because Blitz removed his eyes during a rather gruesome torture session leaving him with this last statement. "You lack vision, Uncle."

The still small-time operation began to grow and flourish with the new leadership, and soon the 'family' business was a growing cloud of influence. Spice was his life, and he was very good at living it. The name was gaining ground and soon the Black Sun's reputation sparked the half-blood's desire to expand in their area of influence to become the number one name in all things addictive.