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BlasTech A320 Blaster Rifle


Out Of Character Details

Image Source: Star Wars Battlefront
Intent: To create a new standard military Blaster Rifle for the soldiers of the Galactic Alliance.
Canon Link: Canon A280
Restricted Materials: N/A
Primary Source: GA-HBC-01 Blaster Carbine, GA-HBS-01 Heavy Blaster Pistol, BTI-CC13 'Ol Reliable' Blaster Rifle

Product Information

Manufacturer: Galactic Alliance, BlasTech Industries, I'att Armament (Nationalized)
Model: BlasTech Industries A320 Series Blaster Rifle
Affiliation: Galactic Alliance, Closed-Market
Modularity: Yes; Various Tactical Attachments and Underslung Accessories.
Production: Mass Produced
Material: Blaster Components, Spill-sealed Tibanna gas, Duranium, Dallorian Alloy.

Technical Specifications
Classification: Assault Blaster Rifle
Size: Handheld/ Two-handed.
Length: 1003 mm / 39.5 inches
Weight: 3.99 Kg / 8.79 lbs
Ammunition Type: Plasma Cartridge / Power Cell
Ammunition Capacity: Four Hundred Particle Bolts Per Magazine (Plasma Cartridge). Eighty Particle Bolts Per Powercell. Two Thousand Eight-Hundred Bolts Per Gas Canister.
Effective Range: 500 meters (Optimum Range.) 2500 meters (Maximum Range.)
Rate of Fire: Marksmen (Single Shot), Three-Round Burst, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic.

Special Features
  • Firing Selector: The A320 can easily switch between multiple firing modes, allowing the bearer to adapt to various situations that he/she/it may be presented with. These modes include: Marksmen (Single Shot), Three-Round Burst, Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic.
  • Power Setting: In keeping with the standard modern specifications of Blaster weaponry, this Rifle boasts two versatile settings (Stun and Lethal) that can be altered by the bearer at any time.
  • Universal Rail Mounting System: Courtesy of I'att, four attachment rails were affixed to the A320, on either side of the barrel's casing, above the weapon's center of gravity, and the underslung portion of the barrel. While the top railing fits only targeting scopes, the side mountings allow for various attachments to be exchanged to that the rifle can be used by both Left and Right-handed Soldiers.
  • Powerful: Utilizing lessons learned from I'att Armament's blaster line for the Alliance Navy and Marine Corps, the technicians at BlasTech were able to apply the same tightly coiled idea to their newest generation of rifles. To this end, it makes the blaster marginally stronger than the standard rifle, but sacrifices a significant portion of a typical power cell/ plasma cartridge to compensate for the heavy draw.
  • Versatile: Having the ability to swap through various rates of fire, and able to mount several additional combat attachments, the BlasTech A320 can allow the bearer to adapt to any situation - allowing for use across a wide range of the Armed Forces.
  • Prone to Jamming: Due to the unique series of limitation BlasTech faced in developing a new iteration to follow their legendary A280 en masse, certain concessions had to be made architecturally to preserve the same look and feel of an older model Blas model while also making enough space for all the new bells and whistles provided by I'att. For these reasons, unlike the extreme reliability of its predecessors, the A320 can be jam prone, easily enough fixable in the field but requiring troopers to waste precious seconds in a combat zone as they diagnose and address the problem.

Description: Having long sought to develop a successor to its popular and reliable CC-13 standard rifle, BlasTech struggled through several different design iterations before deciding ultimately to take a major gamble and head in a new direction. Or, should we say, an even older one. Adapting the architectural layout of one of their most popular rifles in history, the A280, the all new BlasTech A320 Blaster Rifle is a cutting edge piece of weaponry in an exterior housing of nostalgia.

Not content to simply cash in on some sort of PR stunt by producing a mediocre or otherwise dated design, the research and development team at BlasTech reached out to I'att Armament, another close partner with the Galactic Alliance and the minds behind a recent, popular series of new weaponry for both the Navy and the Marine Corps, for consultation on the latest wants and needs of the average Alliance fighting force. Brimming with suggestions adapted from their blaster carbine and heavy blaster pistol, I'att has put much of the work into bringing the A280's design into the future.

To begin with, the fore-grip can be removed and replaced with various underslung attachments, ranging from Scatterguns, Grenade Launchers (Anti-Personnel/Anti-Armor), Flamethrowers, Sonic Pulse Generators, etc. In addition to the underslung accessories, two rails were mounted on either side of the weapon's forward casing to allow a Soldier to attach military compact laser sight(s) and flashlight(s), with a fourth and final rail affixed to the top of the weapon to permit the inclusion of a combat scope.

The A320 is not without its flaws, however, as being the first in a new generation of military hardware would be tricky enough if the Rifle hadn't also been designed by committee and cannibalized from several previous, disparate weapon designs. As a result, where the previous standard for the GAAF was sometimes occasionally known as 'Ol Reliable', among the soldiers of the Galactic Alliance Armed Forces the A320 is quickly becoming known as 'Ol Krayt Spit' because of how often the weapon breaks down, requiring field maintenance sometimes even under fire.

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