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Approved Tech Bladeborn Armour

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Bladeborn Armour
Credit: http://ukitakumuki.deviantart.com/art/Galaxy-Saga-Lance-Wielder-Advanced-401346685

Intent: To create armour suitable for Kära's legion known as the Bladeborn, to protect them during battle.
Development Thread: N.A
Manufacturer: Rahvin Industries
Model: Bladeborn Armour
Affiliation: The Bladeborn, Rahvin Industries
Modularity: Yes: weight alterations may apply if the species wearing it is considerably larger/smaller, although will remain at the same size-mass ratio as the initial product
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Armourplast (Armour) Armourweave Glove (Underlay)

Description: The Bladeborn armour is a combination of armourplast overlay layered more heavily on the forward pieces to aid a charging Bladeborn. While the Bladeborn train primarily with melee weapons the armour itself comes with an attached wrist blaster to keep the wearer's hands free to utilise his blades. These suits each come with an adrenaline stimulant that can be injected either by the Bladeborn themselves, or by Darth Kyros should she find the need for it. A stim can be used also to overdose, killing a member of the Bladeborn after a short burst of near berserker strength followed by the explosion of their over taxed heart, in order to stop desertion and capture. Their connection to the Holonet allows Darth Kyros to know their location and status at all times, including holofeeds directly from their helmets.

Classification: Multi-Purpose (Anti-Blaster/Ballistic)
Weight: 35kg
Quality: 6 (Medium Armour)
Other Features: Comm-link, HUD (Autotracking, Nightvision, Heatvision, HoloCameras), Adrenalin Stim, GPS, Holonet Link, Wrist Blaster, Small Power Cell
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