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Approved Tech Blade of the Unsung

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  • Intent: The personal blade of Naelarus upon her forced servitude to the Sith
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Naelarus
  • Model: Blade of the Unsung Hero
  • Affiliation: Naelarus
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Durasteel
  • Classification: Sword
  • Size: Two-handed
  • Length: 120 cm blade, 140 cm overall
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Force Imbued
  • Darkside Aura
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Deflects Blasters
  • Absorbs Lightning
  • Sharp Edge
  • Scabbard
  • Force Imbued: The imbument of the darkside of the force makes the blade unnaturally sharp and strong.
  • Darkside Aura: A powerful darkside aura comes from the blade, producing an extreme feeling of loss and failure in everyone within close proximity to the weapon. Longer periods of time near the weapon strengthen the effect.
  • Scabbard: The specially designed scabbard, engraved with Naelarus's war-prayers, inhibits the sense of loss from the weapon (though not the obvious darkside presence) so long as it is sheathed. This allows Naelarus to carry the weapon for a long period of time.

  • Sith Blade: As an alchemized sith sword, the weapon is able to stand up to lightsabers, deflect blaster bolts, absorb lightning, and other standard features of a sith blade.
  • Darkside Aura: The longer an opponent fights against the blade, the more dread over loss and failure they will experience.
  • Scabbard: The scabbard protects the user from the blade during travel, both the sword itself and its aura.
  • Extremely resistant: Outside of extreme stress (such as prolonged exposure to intense heat) the blade is extremely difficult to damage by normal means.
Weaknesses :
  • Darkside Aura: The Aura, while the blade is drawn, affects the user as well, to a lesser degree, but no doubt over longer periods of time.
  • Weight: The weapon is very heavy for a sword of its size, as an effect of alchemy.
  • Lightside: Enough lightside energy, focused into the blade, can disrupt the alchemy, making the blade a normal durasteel blade once more.
  • Inhibition: A servant needs not power, and the blade's enchantments reflect this. Not only in addition to drawing upon their latent energies to be used, reducing the potential force power the wielder is capable of inflicting, the sword makes ascension to a master's level of power completely impossible unless the weapon is destroyed. And even at a 'knight' level of power, they are weaker than they ought to be simply by virtue of possessing the weapon on their person.
Every weapon has a story.

Naelarus (thus referred to as Nael) once wielded her blade in protection of the meek, to uphold justice, and serve her people. In the wake of their destruction, and the implantation of a 'slave chip' into her body to ensure her loyalty, she was granted a sword to uphold her duty. This blade was a mockery, subtly so, of her old weapon, the Unsung Hero's blade. Yet even so, the loving crafting of the blade into a perfect replica holds a sense of respect, the kind of respect a warrior would grant another.

As it was constructed, Nael and her sense of failure fueled the darkness imbued into the weapon, producing an aura of dread similar to an extremely weak aura of unease, only able to affect someone powerfully over a lengthy period of conflict. However, so strong was the sense of loss that the darkness making the blade sharper, stronger than any durasteel blade was vast, and produced a weapon of great power.

A blade of justice corrupted, willingly, to uphold a twisted parody of her old life.
[member="Felix Hardy"]

It's meant to be an inhibitor brought about by the sword's lingering effects on the user (Naelarus) and Naelarus's own energies being used in the creation of the weapon. It's much like storing her capabilities in the force inside the weapon, limiting her potential by absorbing so much of her energy in creation. It's basically a way to keep her weak without removing her usefulness.

It would basically inhibit her abilities to the very, very base line abilities like better than average reflexes, and movement, but she would struggle to manifest anything else without serious stressful work. It also means she can't properly grow in power until the weapon is destroyed, and she is no longer inhibited by it.

Does that make sense? If you need me to make it more specific I can change 'user' to 'Naelarus' to make it more clear.
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