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Approved Tech Black Smoke-AE Vibrosword

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Example of Straight blade.
Intent: To create a Melee weapon for the Inquisitors
Development Thread: no.
Manufacturer: Junbei Hao National
Model: Black smoke Vibrosword
Affiliation: AE Inquisitors
Modularity: yes
Production: Minor.
Material: Cortosis-weave, durasteel handle and guard.
A blade made for the AE inquisitors to ether be used instead of a lightsaber or as a backup weapon. The vibrosword is made thinner in comparison to other models of the Vibro sword to allow a very precise cut, and less resistance when cutting. However it is more likely break. Even more so in prolonged battles. The handles can be wrapped in cloth or leather allowing a better grip. The blades are made with a straight thin blade used more so for stabbing and piercing.
Classification: Vibroweapory/Sword
Size: One-handed, or Two-handed
Length: 1 meter
Weight: 1 kg.
Other Features: Resistant to lightsabers.
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