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Black Phoenix

Black Phoenix


Name:[SIZE=10pt] Jonathan Krays
Codename: Black Phoenix
Faction: Bounty Hunter's Guild
Rank: None
Species: Cyborg
Age: All records have been destroyed, Estimated at about 30 years
Sex: Male
Height: 2,03 Meters/6,66 foot
Weight: 90 kg/198 lbs
Eyes: Blue-grey
Hair: Black
Skin: Pale
Force Sensitive: No

+ Cyborg: Phoenix has received many implants that improve his senses, amplify his strength, give him higher agility and make him tougher.
+ Stealthy: His suit helps him remain stealthy; it has built in camouflage that adapts to the environment. It does not make him invisible though, he can still be found by looking close enough.
+ Slicer: Because he was often deployed behind enemy lines to carry out assassinations he had to learn how to slice doors, security systems, speeders, etc.
+ Long range kills: Phoenix has had extensive training in Long range combat and can hit most of his targets at extreme distances.
+ Ninja: Phoenix has been trained to assassinate targets and infiltrate enemy bases without being detected.

- EMPs: His implants are not resistant to EMPs. Without the implants Phoenix is almost completely defenseless.
- Lone Wolf: Phoenix prefers to work alone and rarely accept help from others. He also doesn't trust others quickly.
- Emotionless: His work combined with his training made him unable to feel emotions.
- Heavily injured: Because of a failed mission, he has sustained major injuries and is pretty fragile without his implants.

Appearance: He has short, black hair, a five o'clock shadow and sometimes wears a grey headband. When he’s not on a mission he wears a black or dark grey shirt, black pants and a black trench coat, but most off the time he wears his COAS.

Dr. >\Err 404 Data missing<, Medical staff, >\Err 404 Data missing<
Age: 0 >\Err. 404 Data missing< has been taken by our organization. He was taken from his parents only one week after his birth, after they had arranged that his parents would give him away to the organization in exchange of having their criminal records erased.
Age: 4 The subject has begun the training for a covert ops assassin. He is being trained in various martial arts, military skills, languages, technology, various fields of science and mathematics.
Age: 7 The boy has proven to be quite the valuable asset. His condition is exceptional and his intelligence is at the level of a 15 year old. If he continues to make such progress he will soon be able to go on his first mission.
Age: 12 Phoenix has returned from his first training mission. It was a great success. Even though the mission was designed to be easy, he has exceeded all expectations. He is the most promising subject we have trained.
Age: 14 Phoenix has executed his first assassination training mission outside the facility. He has exceeded all expectations again, as predicted. The boy has developed into an emotionless assassin. He will soon be able to begin his career as a full assassin.
Age: 18 The subject has been promoted to the rank of assassin. He will now be deployed and will receive his missions via encrypted messages.
Age: 21 Phoenix disappeared during one of his missions. His task was to eliminate a Criminal syndicate on Nar Shadaa. Agent >\Err 404 Data missing< was supposed to help him on this mission, he disappeared as well. Their current status is unknown.
Age: 21 2 months after his disappearance Phoenix has returned. The mission report said that he was captured and imprisoned after Agent >\Err 404 Data missing< betrayed him. During that time Phoenix has sustained serious injuries, but after 2 months of recovery in his cell, he broke out and killed the defected Agent along with the syndicate leaders.
Age: 23 The Subject has send Headquarters a most alarming transmission. In this transmission he said that he had learned the truth about our organization and that he would destroy it. He was such a promising assassin. What a waste. Oh well, we will find another subject, then I shall continue this record.
>>\End of medical record.

Items: Verpine Sniper Rifle or a M-19 Falcon (I'll post which weapon he carries in each thread), C.O.A.S.,
Silenced blaster pistol, STMMIV1 "MATRIX", smoke grenades, flash-bang grenades, sonic concussion grenades and a Vibroblade


(art by this guy)

Ship: Modified HWK-290 light freighter. 3 of the passenger cabins have been modified into holding cells. Armament mods: 4 medium Laser cannons and 2 proton torpedo launcher.

Black Phoenix

@[member="Akio Kahoshi"]

I've already got a home. Further information is classified.

Calen Derics

Looking on your Bio, I would like to ask How is your blaster silenced?

Black Phoenix

If this rifle can have a silencer, then my blaster can have one as well, but that doesn't matter because the Verpine sniper rifle is already completely silent and has no recoil so yeah.

Black Phoenix

Well, I was just answering. yeah and the verpine sniper rifle is the main ranged weapon my character uses when in battle.

Calen Derics

Good choice on sniper rifle. Verpine is very nice, and the tech that is used behind it will very much help you with assassin work.