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Black Hand Fleet Command

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Lurking SWRP Sites Since 1998

Intent: To create a unique ship for the Order of the Black Hand to utilize as their faction flagship
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation: Black Hand
Modularity: Yes
Production: Unique
Material: Quadanium steel(frame), durasteel(hull)
Description: A specialized ship, the Anubis, an Anubis-type Heavy Cruiser('type' representing its uniqueness as a starship), was designed for the Order of the Black Hand as a specialized starship. Built in the shipyards of Mon Calamari, located in the Hand-friendly territory of Darth Vazela, the Anubis utilizes a particularly powerful 2:1 ratio matter/antimatter reactor as its primary power source.

However, that reactor is primarily for speed and shielding. The main weapons of the Anubis are mass drivers and flak guns, guaranteed to give most ships(with weaker particle shields thanks to a lack of common projectile-based weapons) a nasty surprise when engaged in ship-to-ship combat. While the weapons are a surprise, they are admittedly ammo-filled, requiring more frequent resupplying than a ship without them. This theoretically limits its effectiveness in long-term battles.
Classification: Capital
Role: Flagship
Height: 200m
Width: 750m
Length: 1000m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: 2:1 ratio matter/antimatter reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1 (Class 9 backup)
Minimum Crew: 1500
Optimal Crew: 6000
Mass driver battery(30)
Ion cannon(30)
Flak gun(30)
Heavy warhead launcher(12)
Tractor beam(8)

Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensors, shields
Passenger Capacity: 500
Cargo Capacity: 5000 metric tons
Consumables: 3 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6



Intent: To bring a Frigate into line of combat for Raider Security Enterprises
Development Thread: No
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes, RSE

Model: Wasp-class Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation: RSE, Various

Production: Mass Produced
Material: Durasteel


The ship was classified as a blockade runner at first, they had designated it as a cruiser that could easily blast through blockades and ram through stations yet as it was being described Princess Isis Fontana explained she needed it to be a war frigate, the access of the deign was easier to modify as a war frigate that an actual war ship since it already had the specifications of a frigate jotted down, yet as they started redoing the ship they gave it additional specs as they redid the sensors and gave it the ability to jam equipment from detecting the ship from short range, however the equipment would not work from long or medium range. The sensor jammers make it less easily targeted by missiles.

During the production it was given a lighter hull that was slightly less durable and enhanced it's shield output to make for stronger defense grade shields it was also made to be faster and slightly more maneuverable as well as slightly more powerful with it's weaponry.

Role: Flag Ship, Combat Line Ship, Gunner.
Height: 100 meters
Width: 120 meters
Length: 800 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Antimatter fuel generator
Hyperdrive Rating: 1
Minimum Crew: 3,000

Optimal Crew: 8,000

22x Turbolaser Batteries
22x Turbolasers
20x 700 Penetrator Laser Cannon Turrets
10x Point-defense Laser Cannon
15x Heavy Ion Cannon
10 tractor beams

Hangar: The ship can hold up to one full squadron (12) of star-fighters
Non-Combative Attachments: Advanced sensory Array, sensor jammers.
Passenger Capacity: up to 200 passengers
Cargo Capacity: it's cargo capacity is about 200 metric tonne

Consumables: up to 2 years worth.
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6



Intent: To develop an attack-based heavy cruiser for the CIS and their allies that will prove useful in the inevitable conflict.
Development Thread: Not unless necessary.
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Heavy Cruiser
Affiliation: CIS and Allies(likely Sith Empire depending on what happens soon)
Modularity: No
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duranium(frame), Quadanium steel(hull)
Description: Similar to the prototypical Adamantine-class artillery frigate, the Warspite is a starship designed for assault. With the design of a heavy cruiser, the Warspite's main armament is a quartet of forward-mounted plasma pulse cannon batteries, similar to the ones used on the Nebula-class Star Destroyer. With pulse cannons being somewhat more powerful than comparable blaster or laser weaponry, this allows for the Warspite to effectively concentrate its forward firepower onto a hostile enemy ship, allowing for its easy devastation. The pulse cannons are scaled to the same order of magnitude as turbolasers; they are somewhat more powerful, but with a slower firing rate and less accuracy.

Defense-wise, the Warspite mounts cluster missile launchers, flak guns, and RBCs to deter against fighter attack. The protection of the various secondary and tertiary armaments is designed to deal with any fighters or bombers that get too close for comfort. Its hull protection is somewhat heavier than that of its comparative brethren in other faction hands, but this is compensated for by weaker shielding. As well, the Warspite is a good deal slower and less maneuverable than its comrades.

Production of this ship at CIS shipyards given to Subach was only allowed after they had been improved to the size that they could produce such a ship. Considering war is on the horizon, the Warspite may prove itself to be a very useful combatant soon.

Classification: Starship
Role: Assault
Height: 200m
Width: 75m
Length: 700m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Subach-Innes SI-9XXX Advanced Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 3
Minimum Crew: 2000
Optimal Crew: 4000
Armaments: 4 heavy pulse cannon batteries(forward-mounted), 4 twin heavy turbolaser turrets(3 dorsal, 1 ventral), 10 cluster missile launchers(200 missiles per launcher, 5 port, 5 starboard), 20 flak guns(10 port, 10 starboard, located in the 'groove'), 20 rapid-fire blaster cannons(10 port, 10 starboard, located in the 'groove')
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensor Array, Shield Generator
Passenger Capacity: 300
Cargo Capacity: 1000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 years
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 7



Intent: To create a cargo hauler capable of transporting Tryton-class cargo containers from one system to another, and to generally be able to move them about.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Freighter
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duranium(frame), Desh(hull)
Description: With every cargo container comes a freighter designed to haul it. And as such, the Tryton-class Cargo Hauler was developed to
haul its namesake cargo container. As seen in the linked picture, the slots in the forward prongs fit effortlessly over the extra cargo containers on the sides of the primary one. As well, the airlock of the container docks perfectly with the Tryton's own cargo airlock, securing it in place.

Two primary versions of the Tryton exist, both of which are essentially the same. A variant with a quad laser mounted ventrally is designed for use in well-secured cargo yards, while one with an octuple lower turret is designed for use in front-line combat situations. While capable of protecting one another if in a properly-arranged convoy, individual Trytons can be overwhelmed by a single bomber wing attacking from the sides, and as such, they should preferably be put under either heavy escort or left out of combat zones.
Classification: Capital Ship
Role: Cargo Container Hauler
Height: 125m
Width: 60m
Length: 300m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Subach-Innes "Mega-Mir" Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
Minimum Crew: 5
Optimal Crew: 50
Armaments: 1 dual heavy laser turret(dorsal), 1 quad OR octuple laser cannon turret(ventral)
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Sensors, shields
Passenger Capacity: 100
Cargo Capacity: 800 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4.5



(x30 Available. Bombers are labeled in Roman numerals, i.e. Reaper I, Reaper IX)

Intent: To provide a heavy bomber for use and sale by Subach-Innes and any affiliates it may have.
Development Thread: N/A
Hero Unit: No
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Heavy Bomber/Gunship
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor
Material: Neutronium(hull), Quadanium Steel(frame)
Description: The Detritus is a heavy bomber, almost of gunship class, designed over the past several years in response to growing political turmoil between factions filling the void of the galaxy. Armored with the same neutronium plating that once protected Acclamator-class assault ships, with shields powered by one of the smallest hypermatter annihilation reactors developed, the Detritus is very well protected from enemy fire. A bank of triple heavy laser cannons allows for the destruction of any fighter stupid enough to attack it head-on, and the chin ion cannons allow for disruption of shields and subsystems, further enhancing its destructive capabilities. Mounted underneath the bomber's main body are its true weapons, however: a quartet of proton torpedo launchers capable of firing in unison. The ordinance they can unleash will quickly overwhelm an enemy vessel's shields, allowing for easy access to the hull. When fully armed, a wing of Detritii have the capability to destroy a Star Destroyer class warship, provided the fighters are distracted. That said, it's large, slow, handles worse than a YT series freighter, and is prohibitively expensive to produce. While an excellent bomber, it will never see widespread service.

Classification: Starbomber
Role: Heavy Bomber/Gunship
Height: 16.07m
Width: 26.04m
Length: 41m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Subach Innes "Mir" hypermatter annihilation reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 4
Minimum Crew: 1
Optimal Crew: 3(pilot, bombardier, turret gunner)
Armaments: 3 heavy laser cannons, 1 twin laser cannon turret(dorsal), 2 ion cannons(chin-mounted), 4 ordinance bays(4 proton bombs, 8 torpedoes/cluster missiles, or 16 concussion missiles per launcher, underbelly)
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Subach-Innes SIS sensor system, X-1400 Heavy Bomber-grade shield generator
Passenger Capacity: N/A
Cargo Capacity: N/A
Consumables: 1 week
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 4.5



(x30 Available. Bombers are labeled in Roman numerals, i.e. Reaver I, Reaver XV)

Intent: To develop a new Assault Fighter for Subach-Innes.
Development Thread:
Project Strongarm
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes, with a prototype in Skree Ariko's possession.
Model: Eightgun-Class Assault Fighter
Affiliation: Subach-Innes
Modularity: Color
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duralloy with Durasteel reinforcement around the cockpit, engine, and other important parts.
Description: The Eightgun-class Assault Fighter is an "engineering masterpiece" created by Subach-Innes for the market as the heaviest fighter in known space. Armed with 8 laser cannons and a pair of concussion missile launchers, this fighter can eliminate hostile fighters with a single linked-fire burst of the trigger. A second pilot is located in the back, and can be switched out with the regular pilot via a motorized system requiring both to lie prone in their seats. Despite its heavy armament, the Eightgun is still rather slow, and production lines are only now beginning for this fighter. It is likely that the production of these fighters will be rather expensive, but whoever acquires some will most likely use them to great effect against whatever hostiles they encounter. The circuitry is also rather complex - given the wiring of an Astromech brain, dubbed an 'Astropilot' by Skree Ariko, making it more vulnerable to malfunction if not properly cared for or having the wiring fried by a lucky shot.

The two-pilot system is different then the Y-wing bombers, in that one pilot can see out of the 'windshield' for lack of a better word, while the second is located in a windowless area behind the first pilot, managing what communications are not managed by the Astropilot, and his four guns and two missile tubes. The second pilot also has the sensors, and much rely almost completely on those in combat, because they do not have a window. Of note: the Drakonvlast engine used to switch seats has a tendency to burn out, and as such, the seat-swapping mechanism should be used as sparingly as possible.

The faction paint schemes are, clockwise from top right: Sith, Republic, CIS, Fringe, Omega Pyre, and the prototype/independent.

Classification: Assault Fighter
Role: An assault fighter to counteract enemy starfighters.
Height: 2.6 meters
Width: 4.1 meters
Length: 16 meters
Power Core Generator/Reactor: Fuel cells and eight engines from a Delta-class Aethersprite. Only four of them can be on at one time, but they can be switched quickly, allowing for quick directional reversal. This is also one reason why the two-pilot system is much more effective. The switching system is powered by a Drakonvlast engine.
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2
Minimum Crew: 1 pilot
Optimal Crew: 2 pilots
Armaments: Four laser cannons per pilot, with a total of eight(can be linked to be used by one pilot), 2 concussion missile launchers(3 missiles each).
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: Standard shielding, long-and-short range sensors, and the seat-switching mechanism
Passenger Capacity: None
Cargo Capacity: 200kg
Consumables: 1 week
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 3



Intent: To add a frigate to the list of Subach-Innes products.
Development Thread: N/A
Hero Unit: No
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Frigate
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes
Production: Minor
Material: Quadanium Steel(upper armor), Duranium(lower armor), Durasteel(frame)
Description: Jerrod Subach had been working for quite some time on a warship utilizing a beam weapon as its primary source of anti-warship firepower. Past vessels like the Eclipse, the Accuser, the Sovereign, and even ships from the ancient Sith Empire had all utilized beam weapons to great effect against their enemies. As such, he spent his later years personally designing what would become the Adamantine-class Artillery Frigate. Essentially a flying beam cannon, the Adamantine can utilize its powerful proton beam to attack an enemy warship from afar, easily punching through the hulls and shields of warships even above its class. Two layers of armor allow for extra protection of the crew and the main weapon from enemy vessels. However, though it is capable of dealing a great deal of damage from a distance out of range of your typical turbolaser, it does have some faults: primarily, its anti-fighter armament is below-par, and the reactor typically draws so much energy for the main gun that shields are at half power, the weapon itself having a firing angle of 45 degrees only up and down, forcing the ship to turn in order to engage a target. It also has a hyperdrive system slower than that of typical ships, causing longer wait times after a vessel of this class has been called into the battle. While a wing of Adamantines can easily lay waste to a Star Destroyer-class warship, their production line has just started up, far too few of the ships currently being in service to engage any faction's naval force on a wide scale.

Despite its perks, the proton beam proved to be too inefficient, leading to the installation of a new hypervelocity gun as the main weapon. While slightly saving on energy consumption, the Adamantine does have to reduce storage space for ammunition capacity.

Classification: Capital Ship
Role: Artillery Frigate
Height: 73m
Width: 136m
Length: 300m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: SIS-2850 Corvette-Frigate Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 4, Class 12 Backup
Minimum Crew: 250
Optimal Crew: 400
Armaments: 1 hypervelocity gun(forward-facing, 200 rounds), 4 twin laser turrets(2 dorsal, 2 ventral), 6 laser cannons(2 left, 2 right, 1 aft dorsal, 1 aft ventral), 4 anti-fighter beams(1 at each corner of the warship)
Hangar: N/A
Non-Combative Attachments: SIS Capital-Grade Sensor System
Passenger Capacity: 50
Cargo Capacity: 1500 metric tons
Consumables: 1 year
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6.5



Intent: To develop a carrier Subach-Innes can produce until it constructs shipyards capable of manufacturing Cruiser and Star Destroyer-class warships.
Development Thread: N/A
Hero Unit: No
Manufacturer: Subach-Innes
Model: Carrier
Affiliation: Independent
Modularity: Yes
Production: Mass-Produced
Material: Duranium(frame), Quadanium Steel(hull)
Description: The Corusca-class Picket Carrier was designed to fully compliment Subach-Innes' lineup of small-grade(read: Frigate size or less) warships. With the Adamantine-class Artillery Frigate providing anti-warship firepower and the Corsin-class Escort Corvette providing anti-fighter capabilities, a ship is needed to fill the role of carrier. Like the Corsin, the Corusca is manufactured with a cast duranium frame, saving on production cost but increasing the difficulty of repairing a vessel in the event the quadanium steel armor gets damaged. It is unusual for carrying only 4 weapon systems(cluster missile launchers) for protection, leaving it woefully under-armed against frigate-sized warships. However, with only ammo-based weapon systems in use, all energy that would typically be directed towards the ship's lasers has been redirected to the shield system, giving the Corusca the durability of a Carrack-class Light Cruiser. Capacity is slightly superior to the old Nebulon-B frigate, with room for 36 fighters and bombers and 7 shuttles. The design's simplicity as a "box with a hyperdrive" allows for a multitude of in-field modifications to be made to each individual craft, though such mods are only found on privately-owned Coruscas.

Classification: Capital ship
Role: Picket Carrier
Height: 148m
Width: 166m
Length: 465m
Power Core Generator/Reactor: SIS-2850 Corvette-Frigate Hypermatter Annihilation Reactor
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2
Minimum Crew: 300
Optimal Crew: 550
Armaments: 4 cluster missile launchers(2 dorsal - forward left and rear right, 2 ventral - forward right and rear left, 150 missile capacity)
Hangar: 36 fighters and/or bombers, 7 shuttlecraft
Non-Combative Attachments: SIS Capital-Grade Sensor System
Passenger Capacity: 100
Cargo Capacity: 5000 metric tons
Consumables: 2 months
Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6
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